2024 Lillooet Wellness Faire

Sign up now! I've been in Lillooet now for several years and am always hearing about interesting people in the community who are involved in various types of work to support health. I feel that there are many more of us in the woodworks and I would like to meet everyone in the area and find out what their skills…


Dendrotherapy and the Energy of the Siberian Cedar

The healing properties of trees are used for the treatment and prevention of various ailments. Since ancient times, it has been thought that flowers, bushes, and trees absorb information they receive from the environment, information that is remembered and preserved. Plants possess positive and strong energy. Their energy is the force of life, continual growth and renewal.

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Throughout the human lineage, both the gut and the brain have been composed of metabolically expensive tissue—that is, they require a disproportionate amount of energy to function properly. According to one theory, as the human brain evolved to be bigger the gut had to shrink, to leave more energy available for the brain.

Meat-Eating: Evolution of Our Brain and Gut

Without the abundance of calories afforded by meat-eating, the human brain simply could not have evolved to its current form.Because gut size is correlated with diet, and small guts necessitate a diet focused on high-quality food that is easy to digest.

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