2024 Lillooet Wellness Faire

Sign up now! I've been in Lillooet now for several years and am always hearing about interesting people in the community who are involved in various types of work to support health. I feel that there are many more of us in the woodworks and I would like to meet everyone in the area and find out what their skills…


Who is Top Hobby Chef?

No.  I'm not talking about a television show or a television audition.  I'm talking about a real life food competition being hosted right smack dab in Vancouver on Commercial Drive.  I'm talking about Slow Bites on the Drive, a celebration of the slow food movement, locally grown food and getting to know your neighbours happening on October 20. Sounds pretty…


Find of the Day: Giant Cinnamon Sticks

russian doll meets spice road“What would he not do for her, the daughter of the spice-seller; she who smelt of cloves and cinnamon, whose laughter had the timbre of ankle-bells, whose eyebrows were like black wisps of the night and whose hair was the night itself?  For her he would cross the salt desert!”


My new obsession – giant cinnamon sticks! I had an errand to run in Chinatown a few days ago and instead of walking straight home I decided to meander through the streets. It was quite a systematic meander because I was looking for glass jars for my hot sauce. Up and down each street, looking in every kitchen shop I could find.  As I passed one of the many apothecary shops, baskets of dried mushrooms and scallops and almonds spilling out onto the sidewalk, I saw what looked like giant cinnamon sticks. I couldn’t help but peer closer, sniffing the giant roll of bark to see if my eyes were correct. With all the competing scents I couldn’t make out much and yelled into the shop for help. They told me that indeed it was cinnamon and I knew I had to have it.



Debating Evolution vs Yogurt

Finding ways to agree and come together is important in the fight against factory farming. As this video points out, food is one of the best ways to find a deliciously enjoyable common ground.