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Thank You Oma Harriet

In memory of Oma Harriet who died 3 Aug, 2012. Hella Delicious is originally her idea. She loved diversity, nature, traditional techniques, cultures, languages and much more. A big thanks for all of the ways she expanded my universe.


Guest Blog – Brisbane’s CBD Farmer’s Market

Sandra from downunder sends in some great photos of the Brisbane farmers market: Every Wednesday from 10 am to 6 pm there is a farmers market in the heart of downtown Brisbane. Local and neighboring farmers (some from up in Cairns) come down to sell their wares. My shopping for the week all came to a total of Aussi $22!…


Winter Farmer’s Market

The Winter Farmer Market of Vancouver BC comes together fortnightly at WISE Hall 1882 Adanac Street at Victoria Drive. My favorite item at this time of the year are the potatoes. Music is always good and entertaining and it is fantastic to have such a fabulous view of the skyline of Vancouver's downtown in the distance. This particular market was…