2024 Lillooet Wellness Faire

I’ve been in Lillooet now for several years and am always hearing about interesting people in the community who are involved in various types of work to support health. I feel that there are many more of us in the woodworks and I would like to meet everyone in the area and find out what their skills are. I’m probably not the only one who is curious! It would be wonderful to create an opportunity for us all to showcase what we know and come together to share and exchange ideas, find out who we all are and find ways that we can seed more health in our community on every level.

So far everyone I’ve talked to about this are keen. We would like to get an idea of what the interest for such an event is and what sorts of things people are doing and would like to showcase. Please register if you would like to participate or leave a comment in the section below if you have any suggestions/ideas for this event.

We have come up with some general ideas to make this event happen, but are eager for any suggestions at this point.

The intention of this event is “Seeding Health in Our Community by Our Community”

Time frame: 1-2 days in June or July, 2024

Location: Elks Hall – this is a large space which is affordable and available they are keen to promote community coming together, they also have outdoor space (night market, volleyball tournament?), ways to partition the indoor spaces, a kitchen, a bandstand, a pingpong table and plenty of room for parking.

Financing: Neighbourhood Small Grants applications are open for our area and could be a great option for people who want to set up a stall or do a workshop to get funding so we don’t have to charge the general public admission to the event. People can get up to $500 and could use it to pay for the stall rental fee and any promo info they would like to produce or pay themselves an honorarium for doing a workshop during the event. Our area is the Sea to Sky area. We could also have an area where we show a slideshow showcasing Lillooet which could include images from around Lillooet and also showcase other businesses around Lillooet (i.e. winery, airbnbs etc etc) that could be sponsors for the event.

Who is welcome: Anyone who is in anyway involved in helping to seed health in extended Lillooet area (personally I would like to include Lytton). This includes anything you can think of that makes people feel good and healthy: local food producers, yoga practitioners, massage therapists, traditional practices, perinatal practitioners, herbalists, teachers, meditation, artists, musicians, writers, diet coach, nutritionists and much more.

Format: So far our ideas are:

  • open the event with some kind of a intention for healing (personal and community) and cleansing of the space
  • a talking circle – basically a place for us to introduce ourselves to each other and say a bit about what we do and would like to see in our community.
  • booths and stands where people can share their information
  • an area where people can offer short sessions one on one
  • a space where we can have larger group workshops (qi gong, yoga, akido)
  • a hang out area/cafe
  • short lectures/info talks as well as slideshow/video showcasing various aspects of Lillooet (glacial water, spawning channels, fishing grounds, incredible agricultural products etc).
  • outdoor labyrinth
  • local food catered lunch and local spring water
  • movie showing in the evening
  • outdoor market
  • volleyball, badminton or ping pong tournament
  • djs, musicians, performers
  • closing event: buffet/bbq
  • pdf/pamphlet/online with short DIY healing rituals offered from participants and listing of participants

How do we make this happen? Please add your ideas in comments below and let us know if you are interested in participating by registering. We can have zoom meetings and/or in-person meetings to brainstorm and figure out what we want to do.

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