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The Hella Delicious Food Culture explores how truly nourishing food is fascinating, stimulating, necessary, energizing, fulfilling, delicious, peaceful, comforting, connecting and much more. Through appreciation of this and sharing our sacred delicacies with each other we find ways to connect and work together that goes beyond language and culture. Good food is our starting point and finding ways to get good food to everyone is our goal.
One of the most wonderful things about taking control of our food preparation rituals is that there are as many ways to do this as there are micro-organisms in our gut. Everyone has their own needs, sensitivities and tastes, some of these may have developed over generations. Do it your own way, whatever feels best. If you don’t know where to get started, explore your own ancestral foods and traditional practices to rebuild your roots. 
For inspiration have a look at our recipes, check out our section on traditional rites, visit the practical DIY category, explore the ways different foods nourish us in the Our Foods section or have a laugh at some of our videos. To tantalize your taste-buds and energize you for this journey, order our deeply satisfying hand-made chocolates and our home-grown apricot twists. 

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HD 301 - Camping with Kefir

Kefir makes a great easy breakfast when on a camping trip. Simply strain and add milk! Probiotics are revolutionizing health and I have found that working with your own living culture is incredibly beneficial.