Myanmar (formerly Burma) is strategically situated right between India, China and Thailand and features a unique blend of cultural influences in its cuisine.

A Shan Romeo and Juliet Story

A romantic true tale of the children of two families who made Channa Dhal tofu and hated each other living in a village in the middle of the mystical Inle Lake in Shan State, Myanmar (Burma).


Traditional Fire Balloon Festival, Burma

I was looking back over some of my diary entries during the time I was working in Shan State at a beautiful hotel called Inle Princess Resort on the shores of the mystical Inle Lake. During this time I was training some of the kitchen staff in baking and pastry skills as well as sourcing various baking items for the hotel. I will hopefully get around to posting some of the other adventures I had soon as well. It was a really wonderful and unique experience. I lived there for around four months.


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