Beautiful Guernseys at Hurdlebrook Dairy

Hurdlebrook Dairy – Raw Milk from Somerset from Mark Whatmore, Yoho Media on Vimeo.

Hurdlebrook Dairy in Somerset is home to a beautiful herd of Guernsey cows who produce some of the most delicious milk imaginable. The milk is sold raw – cooled, but otherwise untreated. It has a unique texture and flavour, specific to both the cows and their home. The cows are looked after by Dave and Rosie Paul.

Milk, cream and yoghurt from the farm are available from markets in London, Oxford, Guilford, Somerset and Hampshire, for more information please visit the site below.

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  1. Sally Ball

    Could you please advise: Does Hurdlebrook yogurt have dextrorotatory (right-rotating) lactic acid in it. Thank you for any explanation as I have read a book recently explaining that not all yoghurts are suitable.

    Kind regards
    Sally Ball

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