The Benefits Of Raw Milk Cosmetics

rawmilk The Benefits Of Raw Milk Cosmetics by Marcela De Vivo

Raw milk is natural and unmodified by any chemicals –unlike the milk you might buy at your local grocery market. Pasteurized (or “sterilized”) milk is altered with added protein, and lactose. This allows companies to cut a gallon of milk in half, add cheaper liquids as the other half and make a greater profit.

The bi-product of this process is called permeate. Consuming permeate, especially on a daily basis could be a hazard to your health, which is why many drink raw milk instead. Raw milk contains vitamins A, B, and C along with plenty of other healthy nutrients.

But the benefits of raw milk do not only come from drinking it. It has become a popular trend to use raw milk cosmetics, especially if you’re afflicted with skin diseases like acne and eczema.

The Controversy With Raw Milk

Raw milk is not only controversial because people say it sometimes carries harmful bacteria like E. coli if not pasteurized, now there are now disputes in Canada about re-branding raw milk as cosmetic products.

Raw milk dairy companies are marketing their products as hand and facial lotions to get around laws banning the sale of raw milk. These products are promoted as healthful, all-natural remedies for diseases –which isn’t an entirely bogus claim.

A recent debate at Harvard University was geared toward speaking about the incorrect food claims and unfair thinking that has inevitably surrounded raw milk and raw milk products.

Benefits of Raw Milk Cosmetics

facialWhen you apply lotions, facial creams and makeup to your skin, they absorb said products and the ingredients within. This means that if you’re using a raw milk moisturizing lotion, all the vitamins will be soaked into your skin and released in your bloodstream.

Raw milk (in liquid or powdered form) can be used as a facial or skin mask. Add lemon juice or organic brown sugar and create a mixture to apply to your skin directly. Leave the blend on for 5-10 minutes and repeat whenever you think your skin could use a little pick-me-up.

Brown sugar acts as an exfoliant if used on the face, while lemon can help remove excess oils and dirt from the day. Using raw milk lotion on eczema can help moisturize the skin and remove a lot of irritation.

Raw milk can also become a part of a healthy diet, by eating right and using wholesome skin products and other raw supplements.

One of the best things about raw milk, however, is that it is almost exclusively farmed by small farmers. Buying locally can help your community and ensure that these small businesses can keep producing great products for you and your family.

The U.S. has made raw milk illegal in 18 states, but even so people are continuing to educate themselves on the health benefits of raw milk and ways to consume it healthily. Organic farming is an industry worth almost $9 million and is only expected to grow more in the future.

Only about 1 in 6 million people become ill from consuming raw milk and raw milk related products. When so many others are experiencing great health benefits, claims that raw milk is terribly unsafe don’t hold much weight.

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer who focuses on marketing, tech, and health & wellness. She is also the founder of Gryffin Media, and owner of

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    Was very happy to find your website and article – The benefits of raw milk cosmetics. You would be helping out a two person start-up in Oregon if you wouldn’t mind answering a couple of questions.

    We are creating a topical lotion that contains minimally processed milk from a dairy that has a recommendation from the Raw Milk Institute. It has been our plan to pasteurize to 145 degrees. However, we are finding information such as yours that gives us hope that perhaps we can leave the milk in its raw state. Any thoughts you may share will be greatly appreciated.

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    Colleen Hamson

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