Father of Radiation Safety Says There is No Safe Level

How Dr. Morgan got mis-quoted after he said there is absolutely no safe level of radiation. Radiation builds up. If you get hit once or twice you may be ok but if you get hit three times, boom, that may be the end. All of us have plutonium in our lungs from the weapons tests from the 50s and 60s which is still coming down! (What about all the more recent stuff? The bombing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya…. What about all the radiation coming off of Fukushima? What about….

There is NO safe level of radiation, yet every day we increase the amount in our world exponentially.

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  1. jada

    I haven’t finished this video yet but so interesting. I’m always wondering what we can do to help our bodies rid of all the crap we are being fed 🙁

    1. hellaD

      Hi Jada,
      Yes it is a bit depressing but there actually is a lot we can do! One good place to start is to detox a lot and use bentonite clay. I have some examples of ways to detox listed here. Also drink lots of raw carrot juice if you can, but get the carrots from your farmer’s market. I’m learning more things actually and I will be posting more info about it soon. Basically avoid sugar like the plague it is. Go on the GAPS or a grain-free diet and beef up your probiotics and antioxidants.

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