Grow your own at any cost! A well loved, homegrown veggie will nourish like no other. If all else fails, buy local…the further a vegetable has to travel to get to your table, the less of it’s goodness will get to your blood.

Farmers Markets of Myanmar

Click here to view exotic images of farmers markets around Myanmar.

kid in marketWho can resist an open air market? In Shan State they have a very clever system by having their farmers market run on a five day cycle. So, for example, around the mystical Inle Lake, the market will be one day in Nyaung Shwe, the next at Mein Tauk, the next at the other corner of the lake as a floating market, etc. This way local farmers can sell their product without having to go too far afield, and tourist just love going to the different locations each day. It is a system worth considering bringing back to other areas of the world. The Burmese have been forced to maintain their traditional methods of farming and subsistence living, which may in the long run be a blessing in disguise for them and the rest of the world. If any of us want to know how to live really sustainably, I recommend following in the footsteps of E.F. Schumacher (author of Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered) by going to Burma and learning from them.



The Pleasures of Fennel

The ancients believed all knowledge was transmitted from the gods via the lacy branches of fennel. This plant family forms a bridge between ether and earth, and may be the reason that fennel is used to assist digestion and balance the nervous system.


The Heart of Maizeland

Article published in the Far West Almanac May 2008. Inspired by the book SELU: Seeking the Corn-Mother's Wisdom by Marilou Awiakta Ginitsi Selu (Grandmother Corn) Harmony, Respect, Community, Healing Lately when I find myself thinking about roots, it isn't long until I start thinking about corn. Edible corn originated in Central America, a gift of the creator in the form…


Spiced Roast Vegetables with Tomato Sauce and Sardines

This is what I call poor man’s roast. Sardines are a great affordable way to get protein and fat if you are on a really tight budget. If the vegetables are roasted to the point of caramelization the flavor will be even better. This is actually a delicious dish even if you aren’t broke.

serves 4

  • 4 medium carrots, large dice
  • 2 lg onions, large dice
  • 1/2 head garlic cloves, peeled
  • 2 medium sweet potatoes, scrubbed and large diced
  • 1/2 pumpkin peeled and large diced
  • 1 head broccoli, cut into florettes
  • 1 tin crushed tomatoes
  • 2 tins sardines
  • to taste chili
  • to taste ground coriander
  • to taste cinnamon
  • to taste salt
  • oil



Cabbage Unveiled

From Walking Sticks to Cancer Prevention Originally published April 2004 in Healthy Options magazine, New Zealand At first glance the cabbage seems rather unremarkable as it is common and inexpensive. It has proven itself for thousands of years to be one of man's closest friends; providing nourishment, preventing ill health, supporting the ailing body with the strong stalk of the…