Oh McGuinty, Are You Stupid Enough to Make a Martyr of Canada’s Beloved Dairy Farmer?

Photo/ Dave Chan
I’ve said over and over again that our leaders are literally insane because they are infested with parasitic microorganisms (similar to this parasitic fungi that brainwashes ants). Now we are seeing the true depths of their blind madness. They are so obsessed with controlling everything they can’t see how paranoid, irrational and self-destructive their own behavior is.

Join us on Wednesday the 2nd of November at New Westminster courthouse at 9:00 am to stand with Michael Schmidt and defend your food freedom

Is their memory so short? Do they not remember why the revolution kicked off in Tunisia? Are they so stupid they will create a martyr from an honest, big-hearted small-scale traditional dairy-farmer by refusing to have a conversation? It truly doesn’t make a lick of sense, no matter whose perspective you look at it from, even McGuinty’s. The only possible explanation at this point for this irrational behavior is that they are infested with parasitic microorganisms which do not have humanities best interest at heart. What this suggests is that these people are sick and as a result they are traitors to humanity and need to be removed from power before they cause any more damage.

I recently posted an article about the plethora of studies proving that cultivating beneficial microflora is the best way for humans to live forever without disease. Ok, well maybe not forever, but humans can easily live past 120 with full sexual vigor, sprightly bodies and sharp mental capacities when they have a gut full of probiotics helping to absorb minerals while breaking down carbohydrates and manufacturing vitamin Bs left and right (just a few of the things they do). Over and over again it is demonstrated that humans are actually a symbiotic system. By sanitizing and poisoning our world we are killing ourselves and poisoning our children. It is pure stupidity.

Just think about the mentality of the whole situation. Getting in such a huff over a few hundred raw milk-lovers is childish enough of Big Industry. But then they take it a step further and manipulate the US and Canadian governments into having fully armed temper-tantrums in food-clubs and farms. They are so pathetic they have to cheat to win as well. You have to agree it is one of the most bizarre twists of reality humanity has come up with yet. Have a look at this bacteria scanning machine and then tell me I’m not making any sense.

BactoScan™ FC

An uncompromising approach to milk analysis

Based on proven FOSS technology, BactoScan™ measures the hygienic quality of milk by analysing bacteria in raw milk. Delivering results in just minutes, BactoScan allows farmers or milk testing laboratories to take action fast to preserve and enhance milk quality.

Because the BactoScan FC counts all bacteria as single cells and not clusters it gives a uniform high performance with accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility of results. Unlike methods such as the plate counting method, BactoScan FC cannot be influenced by the operator and it can analyse raw milk samples directly without prior heating or dilution, which can affect precision.

Accuracy: Typical Sy,x < 0.25 log units in the entire measuring range. Reference method: Standard Plate Count (IDFStandard 100B: 1991).

Oh wait…. What? Did you see that date there? How long has this machine been around for? So this means raw milk can actually be measured on the spot for a complete bacteria count? So in reality if we just used technology we already have we could eliminate any risk at all from consumption of raw milk, saveing all the money we are spending on spying and terrorizing local community dairies?

I am honestly so sick of this bullshit about raw milk coming from the USDA, FDA, CDC, Health Canada, Canadian government etc. I don’t think the system can change the direction it is going, and I agree with the woman who mentioned on the Bovine an idea to do a hunger strike relay for Michael Schmidt. You can’t last that long, the Egyptian Coptic Maikel Nabil was recently taken to a mental institution on day 60 of his hunger strike.

I hope that everyone will join us on Wednesday the 2nd of November at New Westminster courthouse at 9:00 am when Michael Schmidt is in town to face contempt of court charges related to the “Our Cows” cowshare farm, of which he is the agister. Please come join us and defend your freedom to choose how your own food is raised, cared for and prepared and show your support, or Michael Schmidt will be the last of a dying breed of honest, genuine and generous small-scale traditional farmers.

More information on our symbiotic relationship with micro-organisms:

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