Oh McGuinty, Are You Stupid Enough to Make a Martyr of Canada’s Beloved Dairy Farmer?

Photo/ Dave Chan

I’ve said over and over again that our leaders are literally insane because they are infested with parasitic microorganisms (similar to this parasitic fungi that brainwashes ants). Now we are seeing the true depths of their blind madness. They are so obsessed with controlling everything they can’t see how paranoid, irrational and self-destructive their own behavior is.

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Is their memory so short? Do they not remember why the revolution kicked off in Tunisia? Are they so stupid they will create a martyr from an honest, big-hearted small-scale traditional dairy-farmer by refusing to have a conversation? It truly doesn’t make a lick of sense, no matter whose perspective you look at it from, even McGuinty’s. The only possible explanation at this point for this irrational behavior is that they are infested with parasitic microorganisms which do not have humanities best interest at heart. What this suggests is that these people are sick and as a result they are traitors to humanity and need to be removed from power before they cause any more damage.