Homebaked Halloween

It’s very cool what is happening down in the US with the “Raw Milk Freedom Riders–Milk and Cookies Rally” on Tuesday November 1st. Michael Schmidt will be there too. I hope he has a chance to come down to Village #Occupy when he is here in Vancouver for the contempt of court nonsense. But since he will be on the 33rd day of his hunger strike I doubt he will be able to do such a thing, therefore I invite everyone at #Occupy to please come and show your support for this amazing man on November 2nd at the New Westminster Court.

Don’t let corporations decide what you eat and how your food should be prepared.

Let’s get together for brainstorming and spreading the word about the rally by having a Homebaked Halloween on Monday. I’m bringing #Occupy Truffles, and I’m making up some fliers. I don’t know what is planned down at the village on Monday and Tuesday, but perhaps some of us will have a chance to share our perspective and health experiences and what is going on with Michael Schmidt’s case and encourage as many people to join us as possible. Even if you just start talking to whoever you meet down there about the situation if you don’t want to get up in front of a crowd is very helpful.

My dream guidelines around what sort of goodies and treats to bring down and share.

Something edible made at home with love, because it is made to be delightful for our children. Make the most delicious thing they should be eating on Halloween so we can keep all of that nasty High Fructose Corn Syrup away from our kids. Preferably it will be made with ingredients that are treated ethically… i.e. no genetically modified and tortured plants, no factory farmed meat, fish or dairy. No industrially refined sugar, oils or flour. I would even go so far as to suggest following the GAPS, SCD or paleo recipes and only use nuts and honey or dates as sweeteners, that food from local farmers be used as much as possible and that food sourced from another country be done directly in a fair-trade manner.

I do realize that this dream may be a bit out of reach at the moment–although I do have plenty of recipes on this site for making delicious treats and the date balls are very easy to make, and can be made any flavor you like. I think pickles and other foods would be great too, in fact we could just have a smorgasbord type thing going with cheeses and smoked salmon or gravlax–basically bring whatever you want. In fact, if you can’t bring anything that is fine too as I know there isn’t really time enough to prepare something properly for the occasion. Maybe next year we can go all out 🙂 .

A friend is making some info fliers which I will attach to this post as soon as they are finished and we can pass them around and talk to as many people as possible about coming to the court to show support for Michael Schmidt’s stand for community dairies.

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with my email lately, so I actually don’t know what is being planned at the moment. I’m gonna be down at Village #Occupy in the afternoon Sunday, Monday and Tuesday spreading the word and doing some craniosacral therapy sessions. I hope to see folks there spread the word about their food choices.

Lets get corporations and greed out of our foodwebs and re-insert loving-kindness as our top priority!

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