Anniversary Rituals

Although my partner and I are not sure what the exact date of our anniversary is, I recently decided to take a page from my own book and start to create a ritual of celebration for our partnership around a date. We marked one down on the calendar about a month ago and today is the day.

August 26th at least is a date I should be able to remember as it used to be my sister’s birthday. Another interesting comparison–seeing as she was given that date as her birth-date because no one really knew the exact date she was born either. Putting that all aside, it is amazing to stop and think that we have been together for 6 years!

I just want to say thanks so much to Fred for this amazing website. My partner prefers to remain un-named or to be called Fred, so although some may think the two of us childless, this website is in many ways our ‘baby’ (don’t tell Mishka–our cat–that I said that). Fortunately, he is an excellent information organizer, as topics on this site ramble all over the world–also fortunate is that he is a wonderful designer. I know is bright, but actually looking at orange is really good for you–in fact it is supposed to relieve depression, so spend lots of time reading our articles if you feel down!

Once again Fred has inspired me to try a new medium and here is my first attempt at video editing. I also want to say here thanks a million to for making video editing simple for me! This video also fits in to what I am reading right now–The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, passed on to me by my surf loving cousin. Amazing stuff! Love your plants :).

By the way I have been working on a special cheesecake for our anniversary meal and I will try to post the recipe as soon as possible…:-)

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  1. Marie

    Happy Anniversary to you for whenever it was/ is! My partner and I also don’t know exactly when we met but after about three and a half years we had to get married for immigration purposes. We don’t celebrate that date though. We know we met some time before Christmas hols and so when December has passed we just think, well, there goes another year:-)

  2. JaneSmile

    congratulations! Here’s wishing you and Fred the absolute best in the years to come!

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