Cow owners want right to choose

Source: Langley Advance

Dear Editor,

I am concerned about food freedom, about a government holding onto archaic ideas, unwilling to have a conversation, do the studies (or hear them), and unwilling to allow its citizens (mature, reasonable adults) to decide for themselves.

It is unacceptable in a free and advanced country like ours is supposed to be.

The agencies fighting to shut down raw milk dairies (dairies where customers own the cows and pay staff to milk them and deliver the milk for us to do with as we want) are acting blindly.

They are making unfounded claims that raw milk makes people sick, but in almost four years my family (babies, toddlers, adults) have never gotten sick from it. What makes my daughter and I unwell (stomach aches, headaches, exzema) is the milk from unhealthy, abused cows in the mainstream dairy industry.

Raw milk is legal across Europe, parts of the U.S., and other parts of the world, why not here?

Yes, pasteurization kills bad bacteria in the milk of cows being fed things their stomachs weren’t built to deal with. It rids us of the results of lack of care for these important animals, of the abuse they endure.

We need to rise to a higher standard. Raw milk dairies are doing just that – they are caring for animals and not abusing them. They have learned to protect the milk from pathogens that make people sick.

I challenge the government to do its own studies. Prove at least 200 families across the Fraser Valley wrong.

Consider the facts, listen to the stories. Let’s make raw milk and responsible food choices legal in B.C. and Canada, as in other forward-thinking societies.

I can choose to eat refined sugar and smoke cigarettes, why not raw dairy?

What else are they going to decide we can’t eat or drink? What else have they already decided for us? Who do they think they are?

Amy Dyck, Langley
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