Lost in the System: LA County Jail Tortures Local Dairy Farmer!

This is just in over the weekend from www.NaturalNews.com. This is really crazy. But you know what the sad thing is? This is the sort of thing that happens every day to minorities and poor people who have no one to stand up for them. Now it is starting to bleed into more upper-class, white-bred communities. One of the things I have seen posted all over the place over the past couple years is an annoying blurb that goes something like this:

“first they came for the raw milk drinkers and no one said anything, then they came for the raw cheese lovers and no one said anything…then they came for the raw bean sprout lovers and it was too late”.

The more accurate blurb is:

First they came for the original indigenous self-sufficient people, and no one cared or spoke up, then they came for the minorities and no one cared or spoke up, then they came for the poor and downtrodden and no one cared, then they came for the raw milk drinkers, and no one cared or spoke up, then they came for the organic small-scale diverse urban farmers, but by then there was no one left to speak up.

I really appreciate at the end of the interview when James Stewart speaks up for all the other people who are locked up in the jails, being treated like this on a daily basis for no good reason. The fact of the matter is that most of the people who are in jail don’t deserve to be there.

65-year-old California ‘milk man’ subjected to extreme torture, hypothermia, raw sewage in LA County jail

NaturalNews can now report that 65-year-old senior citizen James Stewart, a raw milk farmer with no criminal history, was nearly tortured to death in the LA County jail this past week. He survived a “week of torturous Hell” at the hands of LA County jail keepers who subjected him to starvation, sleep deprivation, hypothermia, loss of blood circulation to extremities, verbal intimidation, involuntary medical testing and even subjected him to over 30 hours of raw biological sewage filth containing dangerous pathogens.

This is from a county that has targeted and terrorized James Stewart for the supposed crime of selling fresh milk containing “dangerous pathogens.” That’s right – the only “crime” James has ever committed is being the milk man and distributing milk that is openly and honestly kept fresh and raw instead of pasteurized. So as part of his punishment of advocating raw cow’s milk, he was tortured with raw human sewage at the LA County jail.

This true story of jaw-dropping dehumanization and torture — conducted in total violation of state law as well as the Geneva Convention for prisoners of war — is told in an exclusive audio interview recorded today between Mike Adams and James Stewart.

That audio recording, which has been released by Adams into the public domain for the purpose of widespread copying and sharing, is available for download at the following links:

128kbps MP3 file (47MB, Hi-Fi, suitable for posting online):
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“I thought I was gonna die in there…”

In this exclusive interview, you can hear James Stewart describe, in his own words, the shocking details of prisoner abuse right here in America. Among the highlights from his interview with Mike Adams:

  • How James was subjected to severe food deprivation.
  • How he was interrogated by deputies and accused of being a “sovereign,” then branded with a red arm band (Nazi-style) to falsely indicate that he was a danger to the general population.
  • How James was shackled in long chains wrapped around his waist multiple times, then had his hands cuffed behind his back which was bound to the heavy waist chain to restrict his movement. His handcuffs were so tight he thought his wrists would break.
  • James was then handcuffed to a cold bench, restricting his movement to just six inches, then left on the bench for 4-5 hours.
  • James was then forcibly subjected to various medical tests, including forced chest X-rays even while he was handcuffed.
  • He was placed in a cold cell wearing only a T-shirt and pants, where he soon began to suffer from hypothermia and found himself violently shivering just to stay alive.
  • How he was made to suffer through total sleep deprivation all night long as other prisoners were screaming and banging on the walls.
  • His cell was then flooded with raw human sewage, which flowed into his jail cell 2-3 inches deep, covering his shoes and shirt. LA County jail guards then ordered James to clean up all the raw sewage in his cell by handing him a small hand-held squeegee and demanding that he squeegee out all the raw sewage himself (which he reluctantly did).
  • He was then forced to stay in the putrid raw sewage cell for over 30 hours, fighting off nausea and living in bacteriological filth that threatened his health.
  • All along, the LA County prison guards gloated over their treatment of prisoners while laughing and joking about their power to subject prisoners to such abuse. This behavior openly mimics that of Gitmo guards who took pictures gloating over their torture and murder of prisoners of war.
  • During this entire process, James was not allowed a single phone call nor any visit from an attorney. His right to speak to an attorney was repeatedly denied.
  • At no point was James notified of what he was being charged with. He was never presented with an arrest warrant nor were any charges explained to him.
  • James was mysteriously “lost” in the system and LA County officials claimed they did not know where he was. This was apparently a deliberate attempt to subject an individual to drawn-out torture without legal representation and make sure no one could locate them to check on their health or arrest status.

Learn more: www.naturalnews.com

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