Hella Delicious Recipe Calendar 2012

This 2012 Calendar features 12 simple, delicious, nourishing recipes created by Hella Delicious based on the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet and the Weston A Price Foundations dietary guidelines.

The GAPS diet has turned my life around, my health is exponentially better than a year and a half ago when we set out on this journey. The diet is a challenge at the beginning, as you have to learn new methods of cooking–once you get the hang of it, eating becomes a daily adventure. This calendar contains a selection of my favorite easy-to-make, delicious, grain-free, gluten-free, paleo, GAPS and SCD friendly recipes. I included a broad selection, including fermented foods, desserts, breakfasts, main dishes, snacks and simple sides. I hope this calendar will be a helpful aid and inspiration for anyone starting out on the diet. It’s also a taste of my coming recipe book :)

Along with the GAPS diet, having access to pastured raw milk has been a vital key to our healing. Folks who are on grain-free diets to heal their digestive tracts are able to add dairy in much earlier in their healing process. Since the main aim is to regain optimum levels of friendly micro-organisms in the gut, raw milk enhances this process exponentially. Unfortunately, local community dairy’s are currently under fire and need all the support they can get! 10% of each calendar will be donated to the Real Milk Legal Defence Fund Vancouver, BC.

Featured Recipes:

I will be adding any recipes that are missing to the website soon as well.

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