2012 Calendar – Daily Life Yangon, Myanmar

I’ve been getting a bit homesick for S.E. Asia lately, in particular Yangon, Myanmar (Rangoon, Burma) where I lived for a few years. I recently spent some time going through my old photos and pulled out a few of my favorites to put into this calendar. At the moment there is a 25% discount on calendars over at www.zazzle.com using the code HOLIDAYEARLY and I didn’t want you guys to miss out. This code will also work to get a discount on my 2012 recipe calendar which includes delicious grain-free GAPS diet recipes.

Click here to buy Daily Life, Myanmar 2012 Calendar

Images in this calendar include a curbside roti chef, wild-eyed bus conductor, waiting for the train, street scenes, side-car rides, local medicine man selling scorpion cures, local mango sellers, monks and more. The people of Burma are the most lovely, hospitable people I have ever met and I owe them a lot. They taught me how to be human again after my years getting a “higher education” in the US of A.

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