Hella Delicious Recipe Calendar 2012

This 2012 Calendar features 12 simple, delicious, nourishing recipes created by Hella Delicious based on the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet and the Weston A Price Foundations dietary guidelines.

The GAPS diet has turned my life around, my health is exponentially better than a year and a half ago when we set out on this journey. The diet is a challenge at the beginning, as you have to learn new methods of cooking–once you get the hang of it, eating becomes a daily adventure. This calendar contains a selection of my favorite easy-to-make, delicious, grain-free, gluten-free, paleo, GAPS and SCD friendly recipes. I included a broad selection, including fermented foods, desserts, breakfasts, main dishes, snacks and simple sides. I hope this calendar will be a helpful aid and inspiration for anyone starting out on the diet. It’s also a taste of my coming recipe book 🙂