HD 208 – Occupy Big Food

Alice Jongerden — local community dairy farmer tells her story at Occupy Vancouver, Oct 15th. In this passionate speech she tells how the government has blocked her from running our local community dairy and is now doing whatever it can to control every aspect of our freedom to make responsible decisions about what we want to eat.

One of the most insidious areas of corporate control is our food system. We have all grown up on the brands we know and love, this is part of the corporate system of control as well. Advertising agencies know that the best time to imprint a human on a certain product is when they are young. Just stop and think of the whole slave trade built on the sugar industry for a minute. I would like to see refined sugar banned and corporate processed foods also banned. This is a very concrete way to boycott Big Industry. Start with the food. Support local farmers and people who care about what they grow.

Occupy Big Food

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