MOB 106 – Pregnancy Tea

I wish we had gotten this video edited earlier as this recipe for pregnancy tea really supported and strengthened Ruthie’s womb. A big thanks to Ruthie’s midwife Carol Gautschi for the pregnancy tea recipe. Please visit her website for more information about the herbal tea. Ruthie drank this tea religiously and had a beautiful home-birth. Mikko had been an emergency C-section so Ruthie took extra care of her body in preparation for birthing little Amaia. Today Amaia is an incredibly healthy and vibrant three year old with a mind of her own.

A special thanks also to for donating the biodynamic herbs used in this episode.

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  1. sierra novack

    Did you warm it back up the next day or drink it cold?
    If you warmed it up did you warm it with the herbs and then strain, or strain and then warm the tea?
    I love you channel! And you have a super cute family. Thank you.

    1. hellaD

      Hey Sierra,
      Good questions! I usually would just drink it cold. Strain it and then drink it cold, but if you wanted to warm it up I would also say strain it first and then warm it. But don’t put it in a microwave that will destroy it. But you probably know that 🙂

      Thanks for your comments so glad it is of use 🙂

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