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HD 206 – Diakon Picking

Little Mikko and Amaia come for a visit and help me pick the diakons from my boulevard garden. According to Masanobu Fukuoka who wrote One Straw Revolution, diakons are a good plant to help you dig up hard, stony soil.

I dug up the area outside our apartment this year and decided to try an experiment with seedballs made following Masanobu Fukuoka’s technique of natural farming. My middle plot is full of crimson clover and diakons. I also planted diakons in my other flower-beds to help loosed up the hard-packed ground a little. It seems to have really helped!

Diakon leaves have little prickly hairs on the edges of them, so be aware of this if you try it at home 🙂

HD 100 – Mullein Forest

HD 100 – Mullein Forest

A couple years ago we stumbled into a magical forest of 7 - 8 foot mulleins. Mullein flowers are traditionally infused in olive oil and used for ear aches (it works, I've used it). The large fluffy leaves are traditionally smoked to relax the lungs of people with asthma (this works as well), I u ...