HD 106 – Homemade Yogurt

Demonstrating how easy it is to make healthy, live-cultured yogurt from fresh raw goat’s milk. This slow heat method ensures as many enzymes as possible will be available for digestive health.

Also shows three methods of incubation. The towel method has the best track record, and the cooler is a real pain. For maximum probiotic development in your homemade yogurt, keep it incubating for at least 24 hours. Check out this cool handmade straw Yogurt Incubator–make your own or let me know if you’d like to order one.

Check out this video on how to make cream cheese and whey from homemade yogurt.

The cute goats who provided the fresh milk live at M and S Farm, Catskills, NY.

Recipe: How to Make Yogurt
Music: www.mujaji.com
Goat Milk: www.mandsfarm.com

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  1. Colleen

    When I made my first raw goat milk yogurt it was still a liquid after 24 hours. I did the cooler method and followed same instructions as you give in the video. What could have gone wrong?

    1. hellaD

      Raw goats yogurt is much more liquid than regular yogurt. Also if you don’t heat to around 180 and cool the milk the yogurt also usually comes out more liquid than normal. Generally I heat and cool even with raw milk.

      I actually don’t like the cooler method. I found it hard to get the water the right temperature and if it is too hot it will kill the culture, then the milk will be liquid. I have found that it generally isn’t necessary and using a couple of towels well wrapped around the bottled and then kept in a warm spot is the best, most reliable method. I also have tried the straw incubators and they are good as well.

      I will have to make a new yogurt vid as I wish I hadn’t put the cooler method in the video–so sorry!… it is way too much work and unnecessary–in fact it is more likely to be too hot for the delicate cultures! So sorry about that. I have also found that an airplane blanket or something from that type of material is really excellent for incubating yogurt.

  2. Julie

    Coolest website ever!!!! Keep it comin peepuhls. Yer #1 fan.

  3. Dawn @ Probiotics

    I love how you incubate the yogurt slowly so as to ensure the most probiotics. Great advice.

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