Big Pharma’s Weak Link

A while back I discovered Sepp Hasslberger’s website which has an amazing amount of resources and information about a wide variety of topics. He recently posted a discussion he had with some friends on facebook about health reform and how to have health reform when there was a whole underlying problem that needs to be addressed so we can really get to the roots of this issue. The post and conversation can be viewed here.

I particularly liked what Sepp had to say when they discuss how to get the word out to the general populace about the true benefit of simple vitamin C therapy (some of you may remember my tweet about how an advanced case of swine flu was cured with high doses of vitamin C).

What we have is an unholy alliance between pharmaceutical producers, mainstream media, medical schools and universities, and what are called the institutions of public health. There is an agenda, mutually protected and reinforced, where those parts of the alliance work together tightly to direct research, communication and public health policy, slanting health measures and publications in the direction of pharmaceutical and high tech surgical/radiological intervention, AGAINST basic health policies that would involve nutrition, herbal and other natural substances, spiritual and other “soft” healing tech, homeopathy, naturopathy and so on.

In order to break up this unholy alliance and re-direct public health policy to include proper prevention and simple methods of healing, we should find and hammer away at the weak link in the alliance’s chain.

Fortunately we know what that weak link is: Pharmaceutical medicine, although immensely profitable, is both largely toxic and DOES NOT WORK in most cases. All we really need to do is to continually direct people’s attention to that fact, until the weak link breaks. That is when reform will become possible and when effective natural treatments can get the exposure they deserve…READ MORE

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