How To Detect WiFi Radiation Without An RF Meter

I tried out this software which I downloaded after reading this helpful article by Lloyd Burrell. That’s my apartment coverage pictured. I have to try it again at some point as I don’t have a floorplan of the apartment and not sure how well I did the survey but it did show a ton of wireless networks and radiation in this area :( If any one else tries this out and has any tips, please post in the comments

How To Detect WiFi Radiation Without An RF Meter

Source: Lloyd Burrell

… some software which you can install on your laptop which gives you a detailed map of your Wi-Fi coverage. It will actually show you the information on a floor plan (that you have to supply first). You just download the software, upload your floor plan and then walk round your home or office to survey signal strength.

Of course the people who designed this software designed it with the idea that people would be able to determine where the strongest signal was. It’s good for that too.

But for us EMF conscious types it can be better used to reduce your WiFi radiation exposure.

For instance, if you live in an apartment you may not even have WiFi. But you know that your neighbor does because when you switch your laptop on it tells you there is another signal. This software can tell you where the WiFi hotspots are. If your bed is situated on one of them then you know you need to either talk your neighbors into moving their router or move your bed.

If you are in a shared office and you don’t need the Wifi then this software can tell you where to situate your desk so you are the least exposed to it.

Similarly if you regularly go to an Internet café but you don’t use the WiFi then this software can tell you where it’s best to sit to minimize your exposure.

You may think, why bother with the software? Why not just look at the signal bar information in the WiFi function of your laptop.

You can do this too. But this software condenses all this information by telling you what the combined coverage is for a given location. If the map shows the location in green it means the signal is strong and if it shows it in red it means the signal is weak.

The other great thing about this software is that it’s FREE.

In giving you information as to the WiFi signal strength it is actually giving you information on RF radiation levels. It gives you the choice.

Of course it’s not as good as an RF meter, because it does not measure the RF levels in RF units, it just gives you an indication of signal level. But from an EMF mitigation viewpoint this is still very valuable information.

Click here to download the software.

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