Death of a Clown

It’s hard to climb the corporate ladder in size 22 shoes.

Despite not being able to drink because we just started the GAPS diet two months ago, we had a very special and wonderful St. Patrick’s Day this year. We spent the evening busting our sides at a play by Sebastien Archibald called The Death of a Clown. I found it especially pertinent at this time with the Olympics over and Vancouver settling down to think about the debt we now have to pay for our two weeks of extravagance.

Humour is always a good way to get your point through and I spent the whole evening laughing (except at the end). I thought everyone did an excellent job and was just wondering why there wasn’t a bunch of folks taking photos and recording the whole production–I wish I had gotten some good photos! We were fortunate to see it, because the play was only in Vancouver for one night before it goes on tour to Gabriola, Tofino, Saltspring and Victoria by April 4th, 2010. The full schedule and details can be found on the ITSAZOO Productions website.

I am not really a reviewer or anything, I had a great time and just have to say if you have a chance to see this play do not miss it! I don’t really want to say too much about it and give everything away, but I do want to say enough to raise your interests so here are a few words taken from the program to whet your appetite…

A clown will never make a lot of money. A clown will never be a CEO. A clown can only ever be what it is honestly is at any particular moment. And why would it want to be anything else?

Chelsea Director and Manager of ITSAZOO Productions.

This may seem a tad cynical. But, like it or not, I am alive in 2010 and this is the environment in which I have been raised and this is the world I have come to accept. If I stopped laughing at it, even for a moment, I would probably cry endless tears and sink into a suicidal depression. So, failing that, I think I’ll try and laugh a little longer.

Sebastien Archibald, Playwright

For more information please visit the ITSAZOO Productions website.

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