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Food Security & Sustainability: For The Times Ahead by Harvest McCampbell, published by Bio Diverse Press in May 2008 arrived just in time.

This book is a level headed and comprehensive look at what is coming our way. Without fear-mongering and trying to get rich off of your fears, Harvest McCampbell provides a wealth of resources and practical steps that you can take to prepare for the transition that our world is gearing up for.

Harvest shares her vision of a Green World that her Grandmother passed down to her, and makes us consider how we would survive if we woke up one day in a world without asphalt or cars. In this book Harvest shares her answers to the question her Gram used to ask her when they were out in the woods gathering wild food and herbs.

“Maybe today, maybe when we get back to where we left the car, there will be no car, there will be no roads. Then what will we do Little One?”

In a few simple paragraphs, Harvest McCampbell filled my head with visions of the Green World her Gram spoke of and my heart with a secure feeling of hope. This book points to how we can each help each other to find our way through the mess we have made of things by working together with respect and confidence.

I do believe we will have our Green World back. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be as simple as waking up one morning and discovering that all the asphalt and cement are gone. I believe there is a transition involved, and that it has already begun. p15

Harvest McCampbell

Unlike much of the information (mine included) that we get from various sides about this transition which often raise the feelings of fear and helplessness (only serving to allow us to be easily manipulated and divided). This book, Food Security & Sustainability: For The Times Ahead walks the narrow balanced middle way. This clear, level-headed look at what we are facing has also helped to open up this topic, placing it squarely on the table. At the same time the book is a jam-packed resource on important topics, like how to make a food cache or to how to make a water filter.

A very exciting book. I was happy to see it at the Stone Soup Festival at Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC earlier this year being used as a handbook and information source.

Highly recommended, a must have resource.

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