First Trout Lake Farmers Market of 2012

We just love having the farmer’s market back at Trout Lake! Yesterday was the first market of 2012 the weather was fine and the crowds were bustling. We got our weekly supply of free range eggs, 3kg tub of local honey from Jane’s Honey Bees, a lovely pair of earrings for mother’s day from Ragged Designs, our week’s supply of free-range meat (including bones for stock, chicken liver and bacon) from Goldwing, a delicious bag of Purenola (grain-free, sugar-free granola!). We also picked up ingredients for a delightful all-local dinner (ok well not the lime wedge).

Pan-seared wild sockeye salmon from Blue Comet Seafoods
All-local salad: arugala, cucumber, Aji spicy salsa, and homemade saurkraut
Portabela mushrooms topped with local grass-fed butter and a smidge of homemade liver pate

Saturday night dinners are our favorite. Arugala or rocket is in my opinion the most delicious salad leaf, I just love the bitter tangy flavour and when you toss in some of Aji’s local salsa and/or saurkraut your digestive juices really get flowing. These days we don’t eat a lot of seafood because of the whole Fukashima disaster, but when we do we take a dose of bentonite clay and boron to help remove any radioactive particles. I mean, we drink milk and eat veggies etc raised on the West Coast and these days there’s no avoiding the nuclear fallout over here, so we do our best to remove what we can and we give a blessing of gratitude to the food to help transmute whatever else remains.

On a slightly different note, (but still on the local food tip) we’d like to welcome our latest local food blogger to Hella Delicious! Take a second to check out An Offal Experiment’s blog, she has fantastic recipes and demonstrates how to make traditional food in a modern world. We are very thrilled to have her sharing her experiences with us.

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