Kevin Annett on The Republic of Kanata

More information: Hidden From History

“If your government, or any institution that you are involved with is involved in criminal acts you have an obligation NOT to pay them taxes.” -Kevin Arnett

I went to a Christian missionary boarding school for high school. My elder sister was there for a couple years before I was and I was eager join her at school there. I enjoyed my years there especially because of great friends. Nevertheless, there were many problems even there. I don’t really want to get into it, I don’t even know most of it, but for a short while the school posted an apology on their website to the children and their parents for the things that happened there. Any missionary kid knows of the things that go on in these missionary schools (set up much like residential schools) all over the world. Our current culture accepts and prefers to turn a blind eye to the things we do to our own children. Kevin Annett is right, it is time to completely break with this system of institutionalized child torture and abuse. For more information on the Republic of Kanata and how to get involved keep your eyes on the

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