Cedar Cottage Community Garden

  • Garden under skytrain

    Garden under skytrain

  • Garden plots under Skytrain

    Garden plots under Skytrain

  • Composting


  • Urban Wheat and skytrain tracks

    Urban Wheat and skytrain tracks

  • Cedar Garden

    Cedar Garden

  • Gardens and Mountains

    Gardens and Mountains

  • Compost Section

    Compost Section

  • Garden plots

    Garden plots

  • Urban Wheat Field in spring

    Urban Wheat Field in spring

  • Composting


  • Urban Wheat Field

    Urban Wheat Field

  • Urban Wheat

    Urban Wheat

  • Plants and skytrain tracks

    Plants and skytrain tracks

  • Bees love the Forest Garden

    Bees love the Forest Garden

  • Bee Habitat

    Bee Habitat

  • Artichoke flowers

    Artichoke flowers

  • Urban Wheat Field

    Urban Wheat Field

  • The fast and the slow

    The fast and the slow

Cedar Cottage Community Garden is a lovely community and still has garden plots available! I can’t find their website at the moment but I will put a link in as soon as I figure it out. Check out this delightful article by Peter Finch one of the founders of the food forest in the garden in which he discusses our busy friends the bees.

Last year I adopted a garden plot and the beautiful Cedar Cottage Community Garden which is located at Hull Street and Victoria Drive in East Vancouver. This is a very beautiful garden with a lovely community. The garden not only has garden plots but also a lovely forest garden which the bees really love. This year there seems to be plenty of pears and apples growing in the trees as well as strawberries at their feet. There is a lovely cobbled courtyard area where they have lovely community pot-lucks as well as garden markets. One year I was a vendor at the spring fling and sold my favorite truffles and other handmade products, this year I gave Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy tasters among the garden plots (the plants all helped with the sessions and we had a lovely time).

Last year they also had a Lawn’s to Loaves Urban wheat project, they are also working on getting bee hives into the garden. There is a lovely section of the bank that has been made into a bee habitat and as a result the garden is full of friendly and busy pollinators and a very good place to have a garden plot.

Unfortunately for me this amazing garden is a little too far from my apartment to make it practical for me to have a plot there. I was planning on biking there, but unfortunately a previous bike accident has made biking difficult. I loved being a part of the community but found myself on many occasions having to book with our local car co-op to drive to the garden to make sure my plants were watered. I decided that was rather counter-productive for the environment. This year I have extended my container garden into our back lot (which is completely paved), so hopefully I will get a harvest nearer to home this year.

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