Vancouver’s November 23rd Rally

I was mostly taking video at our rally here in Vancouver yesterday so unfortunately I don’t have that many photos! We are taking off for thanksgiving in the US this weekend, so I can’t post the videos right away, but there were some really great, passionate speeches from many members of the cowshare, which we will share as soon as we can.

To be honest I really enjoy having to get so activated over this issue, it is nice to have a way to meet other cowshare members finally! Such a fun and interesting group of very informed people. I would like to start doing bi-montly fundraising grass-fed meals at some point. People at the rally brought up the idea of buying our own farm again, which sounds like a good idea to me, plus we have all this legal crap to pay for. Anyone wanna help? I need to find a location.

It was great to learn about paneer as well. I have never tried to make it, but coincidentally, I went home that night and read the section about paneer in the book on Milk I have been reading by Anne Mendelson. We also have some video of that, but I didn’t really get very good angles, and I couldn’t figure out how to change the glare on the camera, so we’ll have to get her to do another demo in a more sheltered spot sometime :)

We also talked about some new tags, keywords or name that will express what this milk means to us that would set it aside from industrially farmed milk be it organic or standard. I am not sure what we came up with in the end, it was a mouthful. I heard some people say stuff like farmer direct fresh milk, farmgate milk, farm fresh milk, fresh unpasteurized milk, living milk, how about, straight milk, simply milk, loved milk or grass milk? Any other ideas? #OccupyBigDairy?

Hopefully everything goes well with Michael Schmidt tomorrow.

By the way if you have some photos of the rally or of other aspects of this food freedom movement let us know as we have a dropbox folder for shared media which we can all use in our posts or if we are making videos etc.

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