Backyard Edibles 2008 II

Vancouver BC, has some of the most incredible backyard gardens in the world, and walking the alleys is one of the best ways to view these spectacular edible works of art.

I am constantly amazed by how many beans and tomatoes can be grown on a patch of land or in pots, and it is fantastic to see balconies and garages hung with garlands of grapes.

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  1. Julia Timms

    Hello there

    I am a producer with CNN in London and we have a crew coming to Vancouver next week to film for our monthly show Future Cities (see below for more info) and are looking to film any great initiatives currently coming out of the city – they could be architectural breakthroughs great urban design and agriculture, educational initiatives, environmental projects – etc etc – basically anything which is relatively new and which Vancouver is leading the world in.

    Here is some info about the show so you can see the type of stories we cover:

    Each month Future Cities focuses on a different city around the world and profiles its plans for the future. We cover a broad range of topics such as infrastructure, energy, transport, cultural trends, economic development, architecture and sustainability. It’s an inspiring show about the innovative solutions and visionary ideas that will shape our environment, as an ever-increasing proportion of the global population lives in urban areas. Future Cities is a segment that airs within CNN’s flagship business show Quest Means Business and is broadcast to over 300 million homes around the world. We have now profiled over 20 cities worldwide.

    I hope to hear from you soon and would appreciate any feedback or any suggestions of projects and people to film with. You seem to know heaps about Vancouver and people who are driving a green future – hence me contacting you!

    All tbe best

    Julia Timms

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