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Fall Equinox Chow Down 2013

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On the evening of the Fall Equinox 2013 we joined local urban gardeners from Cedar Cottage Community Garden in a delightful meal in the middle of the lovely garden under the skytrain. It was a rainy night but the sun did show itself just long enough for me to get some beautiful photos of the kitchen tent and the tasty food that was being prepared on the grill that had been set up there.

Much of the vegetables, herbs and fruits used in the meal were harvested from the overflowing green plots around us. On the tables were asian pears from the food forest.

Chef Mike Preston of La Quercia created a raft of dishes, and we were particularly pleased as most of the meal was fine for us on our grain-free diet (GAPS/SCD).

The evening kicked off with delicious Sorrel Soup served in mason jars. As folks began to take their seats platters of Heirloom Tomato Salad with Bruschetta were laid out on the tables. The platters included carmelized onions and a light balsamic dressing. A chorus of moans of delight rose from everyone at the table as the tomatoes were sampled.

Getting to Know Our Busy Friends the Bees

Getting to Know Our Busy Friends the Bees

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Cedar Cottage Community Garden

Cedar Cottage Community Garden

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