Dendrotherapy and the Energy of the Siberian Cedar

Source: Ringing Cedars of Russia

The plants that surround us are not merely a green background. The healing properties of trees are used for the treatment and prevention of various ailments. Since ancient times, it has been thought that flowers, bushes, and trees absorb information they receive from the environment, information that is remembered and preserved. Plants possess positive and strong energy. Their energy is the force of life, continual growth and renewal. But many people, even those with medical training, have no idea that certain trees are valuable not only for their leaves, buds, or bark, but are also able to treat a person directly with their biofield, replenishing the person’s energy – this method of treatment is called dendrotherapy.

Dendrotherapy is a method of treatment and prevention that uses the healing energy-and-information properties of trees and articles made from them. Its name came from the Greek words dendron “tree” and therapia “treatment.”

Just like a person, each tree is surrounded by a biofield and its own aura, and is capable of transforming negative human energy into good and active energy that carries only a positive charge. However, each tree absorbs and transforms only specific forms of vibrations. Some process the negativity of anguish, mental collapse, depression, and grief; others transform the energy of vanity and chaos; still others clear away aggression, hate, and anger.

Dendrotherapy divides all trees into vampire trees (trees that draw out energy) and donor trees (trees that give energy). Prominent among donor trees are oak, pine, chestnut, birch, acacia, and the lime-tree. The Siberian cedar, in turn, is considered to be a universal donor, and is suitable for the majority of people.

The Siberian cedar, one of the oldest trees in the cedar family (approximately 100 million years old), reaches the age of 400 years, although more widespread are Siberian cedar forests that are 200 to 250 years old. In favourable conditions, a Siberian cedar lives up to 800 years.

Since ancient times the Siberian cedar has amazed people with its natural potency, tenaciousness, and healing power. It has by rights been called the healer tree, the mystery tree, the longeval tree, the benefactor tree, the Siberian giant.

Among the Slavs, the tree has always been an object of worship. In written sources from the 11th to the 17th centuries, there is reference to pagans worshiping plants and trees, and praying beneath them. Chroniclers mention sacred groves existing among the Slavs in ancient times. Judging from this, these were, as a rule, forest areas enclosed by a fence. In these places, the worship of the trees was combined with elements of the cult of Christianity.

Belonging to the category of revered and sacred trees were also individual trees, especially old trees, growing alone in a field or close to healing springs. People came to these trees in order to rid themselves of diseases, the evil eye, or infertility, and brought gifts and sacrifices (towels, clothing, ribbons were hung on the trees), prayed, brushed up against the trees. Sick persons climbed through the hollows and cracks of these trees, as if to leave their illnesses behind.

Energy of the Siberian cedar

Since ancient times, Siberian cedar forests have been considered to be a source of vital energy, which clears the thoughts, cleanses the soul, and awakens a person’s spiritual origin. Not in vain have Siberians said, “In a fir grove, you work; in a birch grove, you make merry; but in a Siberian cedar grove, you pray to God.”

The Siberian cedar possesses a very great capability for the self-healing of its wounds. According to the reports of Siberian cedar researchers, when a tree is tapped, the wound grows over with wood beginning in the first year of tapping. Over time, the wounds and their entire periphery grow over completely, and the trees do not differ externally from those that have not been tapped.

During scientific research conducted in Siberian cedar forests, it was determined that the Siberian cedar possesses the ability to attract and accumulate cosmic energy. Possibly this explains those miracles of healing that often occur with people who love to go for walks in Siberian cedar groves.

The Siberian cedar is one of the most energetically powerful trees. It spreads concentrated pure energy and for that reason is one of the favourite trees of hermits and healers.

This tree itself unerringly identifies a tired, weakened, and anxious person. It vigorously envelops the person with its own biofield, and the person is penetrated by the tree’s stern charm and is able to sit beneath the crown of the tree for hours, feeling all his or her sorrows drifting away. From the point of view of those who practise dendrotherapy, the Siberian cedar, using its own strength, reveals the human interrelationship with the solar system, acting as an intermediary between it as a source of cosmic energy and the person.

In order to give to people the light energy it has accumulated over the many decades of its life, a Siberian cedar must directly come into contact with a person. If this does not happen, the Siberian cedar makes a ringing sound. Usually this happens over the course of three years, after which, not having the ability to give its energy through the cosmos, the Siberian cedar is not able to give it to a person either, and it gradually dies.

In the opinion of authoritative researchers, the healing properties of the Siberian cedar increase the closer they grow to the north.

Rules for recharging yourself from the Siberian cedar’s biofields

  • You can recharge yourself only from adult trees (trunk diameter more than 30 cm) that are well proportioned and standing alone (neighboring trees should be no closer than 6–10 metres).
  • It is best to charge yourself with the Siberian cedar’s energy in the early evening, long before sunset.
  • It is especially beneficial to be near trees planted by you or your ancestors, trees that feel the care and warmth of your hands, and they will repay you a hundredfold. One or several Siberian cedar trees on a plot of land harmonizes the tree’s energy and creates an atmosphere of love and goodness.
  • Since the integrated frequency of the Siberian cedar, as a rule, is higher than the individual vibration frequency of a person (650–700 biohertz—according to the data of O. A. Khasyanov, even up to 800 biohertz—which is higher than the average individual vibration frequency of a person of 500–600 biohertz), you must prepare to be charged: if you are agitated, are in an unbalanced mental state, are experiencing negative feelings associated with, for example, illness or stress, the high healing energies of the tree will not be accessible to you; so, before beginning to recharge yourself, you must cast off negative emotions and bring yourself into a state of calmness.
  • Next, you must approach the tree from the west and, hugging it, stand like that for one to two minutes to start, observing your feelings.
  • Standing near the tree, feel the roots of the tree, the movement of the Earth’s energy from the roots through the trunk upwards to the crown of the tree. Then feel how the energy of the Cosmos is received through the leaves and moves through the trunk downwards, reaching the roots. Become one with the tree, in your mind flow together with it, feel the movement of the energy moving upwards and then down.
  • Try to relax and to think of nothing. Then begin to breathe rhythmically: inhale – hold your breath – exhale. Inhalation and exhalation should have the same duration – 4, 6, 8 seconds—while the breath should be held for approximately 4 seconds. When taking a breath, you should imagine the energy of the tree rising through your legs and body to the solar plexus. Even better, see the energy in colour: silver, light blue, violet. When holding your breath, imagine the energy accumulating in the area of your solar plexus. During the first half of the exhalation, the energy rises from the solar plexus upwards, and during the second half, it moves to the lower part of the body.
  • Absorb the energy, imagining it flowing through you, and let it pass through every cell of your body until you have a feeling of special inner purity and complete peace, relaxation, and a sense of absolute harmony with all existence.
  • When you feel a slight, pleasant dizziness, end your exposure to the tree: you have received what you needed.
  • Be sure to thank the tree when leaving it.

A. N. Sukhorukov


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