How to Protect Yourself From Radiation

I’m really worried about the levels of radiation and the situation in Japan. The sad thing is there are already high levels of radiation in our world–higher than they were ten years ago at any rate. They come from increased use of cellphones, wireless networks, electrical equipment, medical equipment and other things. Over the past ten years or so, levels of radiation from the depleted uranium weapons used in massive amounts in Iraq and Afghanistan have dispersed into the atmosphere, into the earth and into our food. I finally clued into this when I was at the laundromat and heard the local TV station doing their best to ‘manage the panic’ the lady was poo-pooing the idea that anyone needed to be worried about the miniscule amounts of radiation from Fukushima and mentioned the amounts were about as much as a CT scan. That gave me no comfort since I had just read an article discussing how we were on the verge of a cancer epidemic (aren’t we already in one?) as a result of overuse of CT scans.

Unfortunately, the mass media has a bad track record with informing the public of what is really happening when it comes to nuclear disasters. We have already seen this happen with Three Mile Island, Cherynobl, and even how safe living near nuclear plants really isn’t. Not only that but low levels of toxins are often just as bad for you as high levels (think about dioxins), so the arguments that are being thrown around to ‘manage the public’s panic’ are no comfort. I have posted a video at the end of this article which is an interview with Leuren Moret who is whistleblower about the dangers of radiation–check it out–pretty horrific stuff….

After my post about which foods are good to detoxify our bodies from radiation with a focus on miso, I decided to follow my own advice and start eating miso. Unfortunately being on the GAPS diet, miso is one of the foods we can’t eat–being made with soybeans and some kind of grain, usually rice or barley. I was hoping the fermentation process would have made it digestible for us, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case and my digestive issues started acting up again, so I had to find some other options…

I had a rough week last week, I will admit, I was sick Wednesday and Thursday and again on Saturday and Sunday. It really sets me back–I’m hypersensitive in general and my gut issues have made me even more so. I have noticed that having a damaged intestinal tract has made me extremely sensitive to industrial chemicals as well as electro-magnetic frequencies and radiation. For example when I was in really poor health I would get ringing in my ears which I don’t usually have, I also couldn’t handle being on cordless phones or cellphones. As a craniosacral therapist, I have also learned to tune in to frequencies we generally don’t notice. As a result I can’t help but wonder if I was picking up some of the radiation from the nuclear plants in Japan. I was out in the rain on Friday afternoon when reports of radiation were being charted in California. I used to like the rain but lately I am scared to go out in it.

An interesting side note: I was just looking at research done on magnetites in human brains, these minerals are also found in animals and could explain why animals always know when an earthquake is coming as they are in tune with the earth’s magnetic fields. Perhaps we humans just learn to ignore unfamiliar frequencies and tune them out. Check out this article for more info. Magnetites are also found in bacteria … hummm … interesting stuff, right?

The most obvious things we can do is to limit the amount of toxins in our own environment, for example get rid of cleaning chemicals and use baking soda and vinegar. These two old-fashioned common household items can be used for your cosmetic needs as well. Any thing else you can do to remove unnecessary electro-magnetic frequencies from your environment will be very beneficial as well.

A Note on Radiation from

Radiation poisoning damages organ tissues by excessive exposure to ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation consists of particles or electromagnetic waves that are energetic enough to detach electrons from atoms or molecules, thus ionizing them. Direct ionization from the effects of single particles or single photons produces free radicals, which are atoms or molecules containing unpaired electrons, and which tend to be especially chemically reactive due to their electronic structure.

This means that they become chemically unstable and highly reactive ions as free radicals are formed. These unstable metabolic by-products strive to stabilize by ‘stealing’ a replacement electron from any neighboring molecule, leaving even more damaged molecules in their wake. This is how free radicals in our bodies are produced and cause inflammation, a process that is best known as oxidative stress, oxidative damage or lipid peroxidation. Oxidation can even cause debilitating changes to your DNA. This is why anti-oxidants are so important. Antioxidants help to counteract or neutralize the free radicals before they can damage our healthy cells by lending a hand (actually, an electron) when stabilization is needed. This is the reason why we are fond of so many antioxidants such as vitamin C, E, carotenoids, resveratrol, taurine, coenzyme Q10 and melatonin, to name but a few.

There is a lot we can do to protect our bodies from radiation. An added bonus of taking these steps is that they will remove all types of toxins from our bodies. Our world is currently overloaded with a wide variety of unhealthy substances, from car fumes, to pesticides to pharmaceutical drugs in the water systems. At this point most of us can’t handle an extra dose of anything toxic especially children, pregnant women and sickly people like me 😉 One thing NOT to do is to suddenly start taking iodine tablets, there are actually some other much more effective things you can do that have no side effects.

OK–let’s get down to business and discuss various ways to protect yourself and your family from all kinds of radiation. Since radiation causes extra free-radicals to form in your body as mentioned above, things to focus on are our body’s detoxification pathways and foods high in antioxidants. A good diet to be on right now is a grain-free diet such as the GAPS/SCD diet or the Paleo diet. Be sure not to eat any refined foods, sugar, flour and processed foods such as crackers and candies. Stay far away from soft-drinks, even avoid diet sodas. Doing qigong or tai chi is also a good way to open up your bodies detox pathways. I have found qigong in particular to be very helpful with removing EMFs from my body.

Become a Dirt-Eater:

Start to use edible clay, both internally and externally. I started using bentonite clay internally when I had cyclical vomiting syndrome which came from a build up of toxins in my blood-stream which my liver and kidneys were unable to remove due to their weak condition. There are various types of edible clays that have been used for millennia. People who eat clay have in our modern times been looked on as crazy and disgusting, but it turns out that clay was used in most ancient traditional cultures very effectively and anthropologists are now considering clay to be the original medicine. I don’t remember how or why I started using it, but it is the only thing that helps me when I get so toxic I can’t eat or drink anything–not even water–without it making me puke. Unfortunately I didn’t do more research on this amazing medicine when I started using it. I have just spent the whole day finding out how many things clay will treat! It can even be used topically for carpal tunnel. I use it in baths as well as internally. The type of clay that I use is bentonite clay. It is really good for your digestive system as well as removing parasites, fungus, other toxins and balancing your friendly micro-flora in your colon. It is especially effective in dealing with radiation, and it turns out that it was used to dump onto the Cherynobl plant when that terrible accident happened to try to contain it:

Zeolite clay is also very useful for removing heavy metals and radioactive substances from water. The way zeolite chelates out heavy metals is that within the structure of the zeolite molecule there are certain “structural cages” with positive ionic charges. The ionic charges within these cages attract heavy metals–such as cesium, strontium, uranium, mercury, etc. — and the caged structure of zeolite tightly binds them. Next, these caged and binded heavy metals are excreted from the body without getting deposited in other places. RadiationDetoxDraft.pdf

Other dietary clays are Kaolin, Red Clay, Fuller’s Earth, French Green Clay, Montmorillonite, Pascalite, Aulterra…and of course bentonite. There are over 200 different types of bentonite and some may have a high aluminum content so it is good to make sure your clay doesn’t have that in it. Activated charcoal can also be used to absorb toxins.

Baking soda:

Now who would think a common household ingredient could be so versatile? Go out and get yourself a 10 pound box of baking soda right away. In extreme exposure to radiation take a bath with 2-3 pounds of baking soda along with epsom salts and clay. Another recommended bath is sodium bicarbonate, magnesium chloride, and sodium thiosulfate. This is a gentle non-toxic bath that can be the difference between life and death for newborn babies. Baking soda can also be used internally, and has been found to be remarkably efficient at removing radiation from the body. Baking soda is particularly useful for assisting the kidneys. It is recommended for the people who have been exposed to the gulf oil spill and is remarkably effective in helping to detox and heal people damaged by all kinds of heavy chemicals. Baking soda is actually being used in cancer treatments, is highly effective against fungal infections and can also be used transdermally as a lotion. Please have a look here and here for more information.


It is recommended not to take iodine pills unless there is a nuclear meltdown in your backyard, but there are lots of other ways to get iodine into your body. The populations of most Western countries, in particular the US are very iodine deficient, so it is a good idea to start eating more kelp and other seaweeds so your body won’t uptake the radioactive iodine. Iodine tinctures can also be used externally without the side effects the pills have. Note do not take iodine tincture internally. You can also get kelp powder which you can add to your salt.


Concentrated brown seaweed extract is a potent radioactive elements chelator:

The healing qualities of seaweed had been known for centuries, so the Russian government instructed scientists to find an effective and powerful remedy for the radiation poisoning of that particular population. After trying out various forms of algae, one type yielded the best scientific data for this purpose. It was the brown seaweed known as Laminaria japonica (kelp), which grows wild in the northern Pacific Ocean off the coast of uninhabited islands far to the east of Russia, known as the Kurils.

Simply eating seaweeds such as kelp and bladderwrack is very helpful as well, they contain sodium alginate which binds radioactive compounds and remove them from the body:

Scientists at the Gastro-Intestinal Laboratory at McGill University in Montreal demonstrated that aliginates derived from Laminaria (kelp, kombu) could reduce by 50-80% the amount of radioactive strontium absorbed through the intestine. (Source)

Sea Salt:

Natural salt are full of minerals. Don’t use common table salt which is actually just an industrial bi-product. It is better to use celtic sea salt and other types of sea salt, real salt or Himalayan salt. When using Himalayan salt it is good to know your sources, as I have heard that there may be issues with fluoride contamination.

Epsom salts:

I mentioned this above with the discussion of baking soda. Any epsom salts are good but there is a recommendation that magnesium chloride is more helpful. The transdermal application of using it via a bath is recommended, although foot baths can also be helpful if the radiation poisoning isn’t extreme. Using sodium thiosulfate in your bath will help to neutralize the chlorine that is present in any cities tap water. Our modern population has a deficiency in magnesium as well as in iodine and recent studies have come out demonstrating how necessary the optimum levels of magnesium are for good health. This site has more information on the other benefits of magnesium as well as other ways to administer it. Epsom salts are very easy to use and not dangerous either.

DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide):

Dr. Gabriela Segura, a French heart surgeon has been using DMSO effectively and she say says:

“Sulfur has a long history of use as an antidote for acute exposure to radioactive material. DMSO is the classical sulfur compound. A Japanese study showed that even low concentrations of DMSO had radio-protective effects through the facilitation of DNA double-strand break repair, providing protection against radiation damage at all cellular levels in the whole body. Remember that boosting your body’s detox capabilities and overall antioxidant levels is a key to survive in these stressful times. Being on a detox diet is crucial to regaining health in a toxic environment. Our extensive experience and research shows that those on a no grain/low carb (no gluten) and non-dairy diet fare MUCH better.” (source)

There is a lot of information about the benefits of sulfur at this link, and for anyone with health issues or pain issues I recommend checking it out.

DMSO has radioprotective properties against lethal and mutagenic effects of X-rays in cells, cellular systems and whole animals….As a source of sulfur, DMSO aids in heavy metal detoxification. Sulfur binds with toxic heavy metals (mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, nickel) and eliminates them via urination, defecation and sweating…..DMSO is a common chemical that can be manufactured cheaply. No drug company can get an exclusive patent since it is also a natural compound, therefore there is no significant financial return….DMSO is generally applied to the skin in a gel, cream, or liquid. It can be taken by mouth or as an intravenous injection, in many cases along with other drugs. It has also been administered subcutaneously, intramuscularly, intraperitoneally, intrathecally, by inhalation, instilled into the eye, on the mucous membranes, and into the urinary bladder. Strengths and dosages vary widely…..The garlic-like body odor and taste in the mouth that some experience is attributable to a specific DMSO metabolite: dimethyl sulfide (DMS), a component of natural onion and garlic flavors (McKim, Strub, 2008)….Remember also that DMSO increases the effects of drugs like blood thinners, steroids, heart medicines, sedatives, etc. In addition to that, acetone or acid contamination of DMSO can lead to serious medical consequences. Be aware of this problem when buying unreliable DMSO. A pure DMSO solution will turn solid (like ice) in the refigerator within 2 hours…..Women are discouraged from using DMSO during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

I recommend reading this article to find out how to use it and what other symptoms it very effectively treats. There is also a youtube video with more information posted on that page. One more quote from the above mentioned article:

Sulfur is an element of the earth and it is essential to life, it as among the most prevalent elements in the human body. Allergic reactions to sulfur are not possible because sulfur has no protein component. When people are ‘allergic to sulfur’, what they really mean is that they are allergic or sensitive mainly to certain sulfur-containing drugs or proteins, most notably sulfa antibiotics (sulfonamides) or to sulfites (preservatives used in wines and some foods), or to foods with a high sulfur content (broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, onions, etc). Many individuals with allergies to sulfa drugs, sulfites, or high sulfur containing foods (like the author) do not experience problems taking DMSO, because apart from sulfur, DMSO bears no relation to these substances.

Spirulina and Chlorella:

These powerful superfoods are very effective for boosting your defences and have been called green gold. These blue-green algae aren’t particularly tasty but can be taken in tablets or used in smoothies and have been found to be effective in cases of radiation exposure as well as cancer. They are quite useful when used in a cleansing juice fast and will help to rid all of your cells of heavy metals and radiation, but can be used even without fasting. Spirulina is a concentrated source of GLA, is an immune booster, high in antioxidants and helps prevent DNA damage through protecting cells from lipid peroxidation.

“In Chernobyl … spirulina was used to help save many children from radiation poisoning. By taking 5 grams of spirulina a day for 45 days, the Institute of Radiation Medicine in Minsk even proved that children on this protocol experienced enhanced immune systems, T-cell counts and reduced radioactivity. Israeli scientists have since treated Chernobyl children with doses of natural beta carotene from Dunaliella algae and proved that it helped normalize their blood chemistry. Chlorella algae, a known immune system builder and heavy metal detoxifier, has also shown radioprotective effects. Because they bind heavy metals, algae should therefore be consumed after exposure to any type of radioactive contamination.” (from

More info on the benefits of spirulina can be found here.

Chlorella’s cell wall also has outstanding ability to eliminate toxins, pesticides and heavy metals from the body. The cell wall also has the ability to induce interferon production which helps with immune function. Chlorella’s cell’s nucleus contains “chlorella growth factor” (CGF) which possesses fantastic rejuvenating effects….Algae diets stimulate the regeneration of blood serum and liver proteins in rats, and Chlorella is extremely rich in the nucleic acids, RNA and DNA, and has a high content of nucleotides. (Source)


I mention this in this previous post on foods to detoxify radiation poisoning. Traditionally made hatcho miso is especially effective. Eat foods with lots of nucleotides–nucleotides are the building blocks that make up RNA and DNA and include foods such as juices, brewers yeast, liver, anchovies, algae, lentils, bee pollen. Also try this recipe for Anti-Radiation Soup.

For information about the types of fatty acids which are useful to eat or avoid check out the work of the famous cancer doctor Emanuel Revici, MD. In a lecture entitled “The Influence of Irradiation Upon Unsaturated Fatty Acids” he goes over the effects of severe radiation poisoning on fatty acids…according to his research abnormally conjugated trienic fatty acids (leukotrienes) induce radiation illness. With fatty acids a small amount of radiation damage will grow worse over time until the effects are unstoppable. Revici developed a oxalic acid index to measure the abnormal fatty acids in the body. He felt the best antidote was a fatty acid antagonist and he developed a product, n-butanol. He also developed Perse and Bionar, drugs that can detoxify drug addicts without any side-effects whatsoever. But there isn’t much research done on this topic. Cod liver oil were one of the fats he found that helped with preventing cancer and mice exposed to large doses of radiation lived 50-100% longer when fed cod liver oil. Also look up Dr. Johanna Budwig’s work on cold-pressed flaxseed oil and cottage cheese, also called the Budwig Protocol. Again, more information can be found in this Radiation Detox PDF.

Homeopathic Remedies:

Ginseng 6x, 30x, 200x and Ruta graveolens 30x and 200x have been tested on mice who showed significantly less chromosomal or cellular damage after radiation exposure. It is best to consult a homeopathic practitioner as doses vary depending on the individual–30c or 200c can usually be taken around 3 times a day as long as symptoms seem to improve. N-4 Radiation Antitox produced by Apex Energetics is used for radiation detoxing.

The homeopathic drainage formula made by Pekana, Renelix, is a very good kidney drainage formula and can be ordered from R-4 Kidney REGENRX is used to rebuild the kidneys afterwards. Other remedies used are Radium Bromatum, Uranium Nitricum–used for uranium miners and radiation workers, Plutonium Nitricum, Anacardium, X-ray, Phosphorus, Causticum, Plumbum, Belladona, Granite, or the Schuessler cell salts. More information about these remedies can be found in this RadiationDetox PDF

Vitamin C:

A very special vitamin for humans as we cannot manufacture it in our bodies so we need to get it from an outside source. I like to get my vitamin C from rosehips as they also have a good balance of bioflavnoids as well, but most berries have lots of vitamin C as well as homemade sauerkraut and kefir. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant and has been shown to be rather deficient in modern man. It also helps to protect the heart, the cells, and collagen tissue. I highly recommend taking this quick online health course to find out more about the benefits of vitamin C. It is a simple but incredibly powerful vitamin that we don’t get enough of.

There are many herbs and spices that are also powerful antioxidants and very helpful with detoxing. These are only some of them:


Ginger is the best thing for nausea and has been seen to protect mice against radiation in various studies.


A very powerful antioxidant even used in small amounts. It has also been shown to be effective in protecting the skin when exposed to radiation and I have used in mixed together with bentonite clay and applied externally to various organs of the body. It will assist in detoxifying them. It has been used as a blood purifier for millennia in India and Myanmar.


Siberian ginseng or Eleuthero is very good for all kind of health issues and was used for victims of the Chernobyl disaster to counter the effects of nuclear radiation. It also revives blood cells and minimizes cell damage to the bone marrow, skin and internal organs.

Thyme, Holy Basil, Rosemary, Mint, Green, black or red (rooibos) teas:

These herbs taken as teas are full of antioxidants and also can be helpful with removing radiation from the body. I also like to use the essential oil of rosemary in my baths which also helps to detoxify through the skin.

Burdock root:

Used as a blood purifier for centuries is said to remove radioactive isotopes from the body and is an ingredient in Essic tea. It also supports the bladder, kidney and liver, contains niacin and an abundance of minerals.

Reishi Mushrooms:

Recommended is from JHS Naturals


Enemas with organic cilantro are helpful for detoxing heavy metals and may be useful as well. Eating cilantro also detoxes heavy metals. Be sure the cilantro is homegrown or organic as conventionally grown cilantro may have pesticides and herbicides which are detrimental.


Various friendly gut flora have been found to be helpful in detoxing heavy metals from the body, so it is useful to have optimal micro-organisms in your intestines. There are also radiation resistant bacteria which are still being studied, but they may be able to help protect against radiation and help to heal radiation damaged individuals.

Oil Pulling

This is my own personal addition and I am not a scientist so I wouldn’t rely heavily on this method, but it doesn’t hurt. Oil pulling is a very ancient healing technique that in my experience helps to remove EMFs that have accumulated in the teeth from such things as sitting too near a monitor or from wireless networks. Oils traditionally used for this technique are cold pressed sesame and sunflower oils which are very high in the powerful antioxidant vitamin E as well as other antioxidants. The skin on the inside of the mouth and around the gums is very thin and has been used as a way to absorb various chemicals quickly into your system without having to wait for the digestive process which can also deteriorate various things you may want to absorb directly. I would like to see more research done in this area, but in the meantime please follow this link for information on how to oil pull and some of the benefits of oil pulling.


By the way, orgonite apparently prevents and even cures radiation poisoning. The reason I say that is that when Carol, Reno Richard and I were gifting the underground bases in and around Fallon, Nevada, three summers ago, the dust where we camped in the desert one night was obviously radioactive. Carol’s nose bled from breathing it all night but none of us had the telltale metallic taste in our mouths, perhaps because we were wearing our Harmonic Protectors.


Kombucha is full of antioxidants and is a very powerful detoxifier for the liver it has been used by people undergoing radiation treatment for cancer, it can be made at home with tea and sugar, it is best to let it ferment for longer or to use a continuous fermentation technique so that there will be less sugar and more beneficial micro-organisms that assist your body in removing heavy metals. Check out this article for more info: Kombucha Tea for Radiation Prevention and Cancer Treatments from KombuchKamp.


I need to do a bit more research in this area, so stay tuned. One of the things we will all be facing is the accumulation of radiation in the soil which will in turn get into our vegetables. In India they have discovered that growing sunflowers is one method of pulling the radiation from the soil:

Scientists have found that sunflowers can remove radionuclides from the soil as well as water, when grown hydroponically. These sunflowers can reduce the amount of uranium concentrations in the water by up to 95%. The sunflowers are then harvested and the radioactive material within the plant is disposed of properly. The tests used sunflower plants to pull radionuclides from a pond contaminated by the 1986 Chernobyl accident. According to scientists, these tests demonstrate that rhizofiltration is a practical way to treat radionuclides, including uranium, cesium, and strontium found in groundwater. The roots of the Sunflower cultivar (Helianthus annuus L.), when submerged in water, quickly accumulate heavy metals and radionuclides. Source

There are plenty of other things you can do that I haven’t mentioned here. Since there is such a variety just choose a few that you are comfortable with. I personally think the clay, baths, vitamin C and diet are good places to start, the rest is bonus. Some good websites currently providing excellent information on detoxing radiation are:

Here’s the video I mentioned at the beginning of the post. As I said scary stuff….if she is right it is sickening to realize how despicable and disgusting people can be. But if she is right, these people really need to be brought to justice.

Scientist Leuren Moret – Japan earthquake and nuclear “accident” are tectonic nuclear warfare.

Independent scientist Leuren Moret, whose 2004 landmark article in the Japan Times unmasked lies and distortions by government and company officials that led to the construction of nuclear power plants in seismically dangerous areas, has declared in an exclusive 65-minute video interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre that the “Japan earthquake and “accidents” at the Fukushima’s 6 nuclear power plant units starting March 11, 2011 are in fact deliberate acts of tectonic nuclear warfare, carried out against the populations ecology of Japan and the nations of the Northern Hemisphere, including the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

This post is part of the Fight Back Friday’s Bloghop at Food Renagade 🙂

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  1. Freddy

    Hi there,

    great article

    but i am most certainly confused as you mention chlorella, spirulina etc

    But on th GAPS diet, Algae is on the list of foods that you have to stay away from and also there is no mention if you should reintroduce them at a later stage (although i have no idea why)

    And is kelp not classed under algaes either?

    could you kindly reply back

    Thanks again!

    1. hellaD

      Hi yes you are right about the GAPS diet. I don’t take chlorella or spirulina myself at the moment but it is in there for other folks. I will try adding them soon and see how it goes.

  2. Jan Steinman

    I’m sympathetic to those who are concerned about either type of radiation, but please don’t confuse ionizing radiation (from nuclear contamination) with electromagnetic radiation (from radio transmitters and other electronic equipment). The two have very different effects and risk levels.

    Electromagnetic radiation has a small hint of harm, in that cell phone use is correlated with brain cancer in the area near the cell phone antenna. Lower intensity EMF radiation has no impact cited in scientific papers. Although “absence of proof is not proof of absence,” the lack of measurable correlation means it is probably a smaller concern than, say, driving an automobile, which most people would not be willing to give up for a bit of additional safety. EFF radiation is thought to be harmful in the heating effects imparted to living tissue, which is directly related to operating power and the square of distance. Stick your head in a running microwave oven, and you’re in trouble, but stand ten feet from one, and any heating effect is immeasurable.

    Compare this with ionizing radiation, which has a strong correlation with damage to living organisms. What’s more, in most cases, we’re concerned about nuclear contamination — particles that emit ionizing radiation that become incorporated into living tissue, such as iodine-131 being incorporated into your thyroid gland. Such contamination continuously bombards a small nearby area with high energy electrons, which can cause cellular damage. This is completely different than the localized heating effect caused by EMF radiation.

    I’m open to the idea that EMF radiation may have some biophysical effect through some mechanism that is currently unknown by science. But the correlation is low, compared to ionizing radiation, which science acknowledges.

    For example, if you are of “boomer” age or so, The American Cancer Society will estimate your increased risk of thyroid cancer, based upon where you lived and what type and how much milk you drank while atmospheric nuclear weapons testing was happening. At 55 years old, living in Southeast Michigan and drinking mostly home-farm goat milk, my risk of thyroid cancer has nearly doubled, from 1.2 per 1,000 to 2.1 per 1,000. There are no such correlations with simple EMF radiation.

    1. hellaD

      Great comment, thanks for highlighting the differences between ionizing and EMF radiation. I have personally experienced detrimental effects from EMF, — I have also noticed I experienced them much more strongly when my digestive tract was compromised. It seems bentonite clay and epsom salt baths are recommended for both EMF and ionizing radiation and are very helpful for many other conditions or just to get your body functioning optimally. Other things, like the antioxidants, vitamin C etc are highly recommended not only for dealing with radiation poisoning, but other environmental toxins as well. These days it is a good idea to do that in any case, but these vitamins, minerals and antioxidants do have very powerful abilities to remove poisons from our bodies. These days I take a sip of bentonite water every morning when I get up, along with 1/4 c of kombucha, I also try to take a bath with epsom salts and baking soda at least once a week. I find that Qi Gong or Tai Chi also really help with cleansing your tissues.

  3. Laurie

    Nice post. I did some related ones at Common Sense Homesteading and Living Well Moms. I think it’s important to let people know that there are simple things you can do to protect yourself.

    Your blog is really bold and eye-catching. Lots of interesting material.


    1. hellaD

      Yeah, I will have to check out your posts too! It is amazing me the more I look into it just how much we can do for ourselves. Thanks for your comment.

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