Street Tested – Ubuntu Slogan

This is our 2nd year hitting up the Vancouver’s Farmer’s Market. We had some wonderful responses, questions, and discussions with those at the market.

In addition to asking, what they thought the new Ubuntu slogan should be we also jotted down a list of the things people wish their computer would stop doing. The number one thing (based on the use of proprietary software) was that there were just too many pop ups,  too frequently. Followed closely by the cost of software packages is expensive. When we told them an entire office suite is included with Ubuntu most really couldn’t believe it. They just kept asking really? Not a trail version or a partial version? How can you do that? (Give me that for free?)

Even though we are giving away free software and membership to the community can see that people are very weary. Asking questions to try and find out the ‘catch’.

Now on to the meat of the post. What you have all been dying to know. Which slogan came out ahead?

(Note: Prequel Post – Ubuntu Slogan? Can be found here)

Was it Complexity Forgotten.  Or Life Made Easier. Or the Future of OS??

Now with fan fare and drum roll … the release of the New Ubuntu Slogan!

Ubuntu. What is it?

What?? Yes that’s right. That was the slogan said by everyone that came and spoke with me. Now you are thinking maybe I dropped the ball that can’t be right? But the more I think about it – the more it makes sense to a non-Ubuntu user. It’s some what circular in nature and even rhetorical.

After the initial question: Ubuntu. What is it?

We respond with:

Ubuntu is a free and open source software that can replace what you currently use on your computer.

Then the next question is.. So Why are You Here?

I’m part of the community that supports, educates, informs and teaches you about Ubuntu.

Interesting… makes sense.

And then they usually ask again.

Ubuntu. What is it?

They understood the ideas and concept and yet that phrase ‘What is it?’ just sticks in their mind. Ubuntu really is a huge, mind blowing concept to stranger. So I think after you initially answer  the question, its not that the person doesn’t understand a word you said its just that you just blew apart their ‘reality’.  Its like knowing all your life the world is flat and then one day someone proves to you its round.  It takes time for a person to process this and wrap their head around it. Trying to explaining the complexity of Ubuntu in a 5min conversation at a market table really can’t do it justice. So of course our next push is to get you to join the LoCo and come meet more members face to face to start a more in-depth conversation that answers the elusive question.

Ubuntu. What Is It?

The saga continues….

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