Transition Town Movement

The Transition movement works on the basis that if we wait for government to act on issues such as climate change we'll be waiting until hell freezes over; and if we only act as individuals, that's too little.


Fraser Health Suspends Action Against Raw Milk Dairy

"The government's commitment to back away from aggressive prosecutions [against Our Cows--Vancouver's fresh raw milk community dairy] is a relief for us. We now have some breathing room while the courts determine whether Canadians have a right to choose between whole and processed foods,"

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Join the Fight to Save Chinatown

Around 64% of Chinatown residents are low-income; there are around 1,000 people in close to that many rooms. This community is vulnerable to the ripple effects of gentrification, especially considering that many of them are seniors.


Help Our Cows

Our Cows is Vancouver BC's local raw milk cowshare. Currently Alice Jongerdon is challenging the legality of the contempt of court order issued against her by Fraser Health.