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I’m No Patriot

Why feel patriotic when it is corporations who are controlling our world? Don't let your feelings of deep love for your land and communities be used against you. It sucks to despise yourself but that is exactly what they want.


Kitchen Education Manifesto

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I discovered this, written by a Shaker while I was studying at the Culinary Institute of America. One of the most fantastic aspects of that school is the huge library they have of culinary works from across the centuries. I was writing a paper on the Shakers. When I first read this I got goose bumps and my spine shivered.

Unfortunately the people who are in positions of power currently in our world are generally on pretty bad diets. Couple that with high stress lifestyles and we have a perfect recipe for paranoid, grumpy and negative thinking personalities. Is it really such a good idea to let people like this run our world? The following, written by a Western Plowman and published in The Shaker Manifesto of September of 1883, lays this out in clear language.

Kitchen Education


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Lack of Health Insurance

mishkaThis week I was finally able to send in my application for Health Insurance in Canada. It has been 4 years since I had coverage, and during this period I was the unhealthiest that I have ever been (so typical eh?). In one of those synchronistic events a friend also sent me the link to the video To Your Health by Meena Nanji and Ofunne Obiamiwe. It is hard to fathom what it means on an individual level when we hear numbers like 47 million Americans do not have health insurance and half of all bankruptcies in the United States are caused by medical bills. Embarrassingly, the US also comes in very low on the scale of universal health coverage–ranked at 37th in the world. This video helps to make these facts personal.


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Seattle – Portland Amtrak

This is such a beautiful train ride. All up and down the West Coast is gorgeous and we all know, the train is the way to go. They have fantastic windows in the train. We go through Tacoma and past Boeing, it is a really interesting ride--a pretty good glimpse into the All American Hometown style.