The Year of Ubuntu

UbuntuWe welcomed the new year in bed watching Monk with our noses running and throats sore, snacking on rose-hip jam for vitamin C and drinking ginger and pau d’ arco tea to boost our immune systems. According to the once renowned but now forgotten Antoine Bechamp this process is a cleansing that occurs cyclically and is necessary to remove toxins that cause our tissues to rot or oxidize. The well known Pasteur set our world on the germ theory course, which has led us to the current terror of micro-organisms which has given the pharmaceutical industry it’s hold on our state of health and our belief that we are being ‘attacked’ by nature. We become victims with no control over our own health. This is absolutely not true.



Symbiotic Digestion

Symbiotic Relationships are Key to Digestion on a Variety of Levels You help me and I'll help you. Like Sesame When our digestive system is operating under the right conditions a symbiotic shield is created of friendly, helpful micro-organisms and our mucous membrane. Within our digestive tract these yeasts and bacteria create a diverse garden boundary. At the same…

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