Symbiotic Digestion

Symbiotic Relationships are Key to Digestion on a Variety of Levels

You help me and I’ll help you.

Like Sesame Street…co-operation.

When our digestive system is operating under the right conditions a symbiotic shield is created of friendly, helpful micro-organisms and our mucous membrane.

Within our digestive tract these yeasts and bacteria create a diverse garden boundary. At the same time, they produce multitudes of B vitamins which are so important for smooth connections throughout our nervous system.

In this manner these micro-organisms help to calm us and allow us to thrive on stress and challenge with confidence and creativity. They also help with absorption of essential minerals.

If your intestinal wall is covered with candida (or other parasitic yeasts) that are being fed a diet that encourages them to grow out of control, you will have difficulty functioning.

These pathogens flourish on refined sugars and carbohydrates, growing to form an impenetrable wall in your intestines.

As a result your ability to absorb minerals and vitamins through the intestinal wall will progressively fail.

If these yeasts are allowed to continue to grow they can destroy the intestinal epithelial cells, allowing minuscule undigested food particles to slip through into the blood-stream. This can often cause food intolerances and allergies…

Therefore it is a good idea to consume food and drinks that have lots of helpful micro-organisms in it like kombucha, yogurt, keffir and kimchi.

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