HD 302 – Scallops Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii is an incredibly beautiful and extremely remote set of islands off the coast of BC. We stayed in an amazing cabin hand-made from drift-wood right on the beach in June when all the flowers were blooming. In this charming and magical cabin we created this satisfying and delicious breakfast with local scallops served up on scallop shells.

Scallops Haida Gwaii

  • bacon
  • cashews
  • spinach
  • tomatoes
  • poached eggs
  • scallops

Amounts are totally up to you.
Fry the bacon until cooked, add the cashews and spinach, fry a minute or two, season with salt and pepper, add the tomatoes and set aside.
Sear your scallops on a smoking hot griddle in bacon grease.
Poach your eggs. They are best if they are soft poached so that they delicious, nutritious practically raw egg yolks will provide a rich sauce for your scallops.
Serve on scallop shells and enjoy!
This makes a fantastic breakfast treat.

Hobbit House Haida Gwaii

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  1. child essay

    The dish has not only a beautiful appearance, but also a pleasant taste. The ingredients in its composition make it really special.

  2. Rachel

    Oh Does that look good.I am going to try that soon.Hiada Gwaii my bucket list.Glad you to go there.
    Thanks for the recipe
    Sincerely Rachel

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