HD 209 – Interview With Michael Schmidt

In this short interview Michael Schmidt tells us why responsible food choices matter. The food freedom movement goes hand in hand with the Occupy Wall Street movement to end corporate control over every aspect of life. Michael Schmidt is a biodynamic dairy farmer who has a holistic understanding of working with the animals and earth to produce the best quality food. Please read this article on the #OccupyBigFood movement there was a large rally to ending corporate food today in Zuccotti park.

This interview was conducted at the New Westminster Rally for Food Freedom on November 2nd. It was day 32 of Michael’s hunger strike to bring down the barriers and get some constructive dialog going. Michaels Schmidt has been working for 17 years, doing his best to work with Health Canada to develop a program of certified raw dairies like most other countries have.

To stay updated on what is going on with Michael Schmidt and the food freedom movement in Canada please visit the bovine.

Please join the rallies for food freedom across North America on November 23rd. You can find out more information at the Support Michael Schmidt facebook page.

Take a minute to sign this petition for the right to responsible food choice in Canada.

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