HD 301 – Camping with Kefir

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Kefir makes a great easy breakfast when on a camping trip. Simply strain and add milk! This summer we took our kefir with us to Chaco Canyon and we were glad we did. As it turns out the beneficial yeasts and bacteria in kefir help to protect us from radiation as outlined in this peer-reviewed study from Japan.

Our journey was through the nuclear corridor of the USA. New Mexico is an area that has been extensively mined for uranium (in open-pit mines, which have still not been cleaned up). We also stayed in Monticello, UT (another area of open-pit mining), Arco, ID (home of the Idaho National Laboratories and the first place in the world to be powered by nuclear energy), Richland, WA (site of the Hanford plutonium processor) and various other unhealthy environments.

Our kefir did very well on the trip, unfortunately we did have to resort to using Horizon organic milk, we generally prefer to use raw milk from small scale dairies with grass-fed cows. But since we were culturing the milk with our own well-loved kefir grains we weren’t too concerned.

Probiotics are revolutionizing health and from my own personal experience, working with your own living culture is much more beneficial and affordable than buying expensive and often unreliable probiotic supplements.

We had a fantastic time exploring Chaco Canyon. The best part was camping with the summer solstice full moon shining on petroglyph-covered red cliffs — knowing that for thousands of years the very same spot had been occupied by many other peoples passing through this migratory route, setting up their ancient campsites and basking under the radiance of the same stars and moon that we were.

More information on the amazing versatility of kefir:


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