MOB 102 – Pickled Pink

Bright colored full sense learning experience! Watching mung bean sprouts grow and then transforming them with the help of some friendly bacteria to create an edible and healthy side dish is fun for the whole family.

Mikko loved the pickled sprouts as an addition to rice and curry, after the initial shock of eating them straight from the bottle! What a trouper.

Now we all know why Amaia loves to swing, her mama took her on a tree swing flight out over the ocean 3 weeks before she was born and gave us all heart attacks.

Music: Italian Waffles by Mujaji
Recipe: Pickled Bean Sprouts

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Pickled Bean Sprouts

Pickled Bean Sprouts

These nutrient packed powerhouses are made even more exciting by the bright pink color the beets create. I used to make these all the time for my x-husband, who was Burmese and didn't feel like he had a proper meal if he didn't have some kind of fermented food added. Pickled bean sprouts were one of ...