The Dangers of Modern Electromagnetic Fields

This is a very important discussion of the terrible impact that wireless technology including celltowers, cordless phones and smartmeters are having on our health. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt explains in no uncertain terms how devastating this modern technology is on our bodies. The electromagenetic frequencies from these technologies has amplified autism, cancer, heart disease, intestinal disorders and auto-immune diseases to name just a few. I have personally suffered from this from living in an area with several cell towers. My mother is also affected with pancreatic cancer and I am spending much of my time helping her to detox her body with the Gerson Therapy among other alternative therapies (I haven’t had much time to update this site lately as a result).

Dr. Klinghardt discusses some of the methods he has found helpful in dealing with these technologies if you live in an area with tons of celltowers or have a smartmeter installed on your home.

We use the Clearfield Plate which emits the Schumann resonance (about 8 Hz). This product is made by a family of dowsers and is very powerful. I have had immense success with healing myself and my family using these products, I have also found them to be the most cost effective and I highly recommend them you can get more info at

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