Backyard Edibles 2008 II

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Vancouver BC, has some of the most incredible backyard gardens in the world, and walking the alleys is one of the best ways to view these spectacular edible works of art.

I am constantly amazed by how many beans and tomatoes can be grown on a patch of land or in pots, and it is fantastic to see balconies and garages hung with garlands of grapes.

Backyard Edibles 2008 I

Backyard Edibles 2008 I

The micro-farms of Vancouver BC are absolutely incredible. After traveling all over the world and being an avid walker I have seen urban backyards from New Zealand to Cambodia, New York to Papua New Guinea and can say that Vancouver BC takes the prize hands down, no questions asked. OK, I have n ...

Movie Review — GOOD FOOD

Movie Review — GOOD FOOD

GOOD FOOD: Film by Moving Images "I hope the film will help generate grass-roots solutions." -Producer Melissa Young As the world breaks into rioting from hunger, Moving Images appears with the film, GOOD FOOD and puts the spotlight on the tip of a different kind of iceberg. Producers M ...

Codex Alimentarius:  Homegrow or Harmonize

Codex Alimentarius: Homegrow or Harmonize

The Great Harmonization This article was originally published in Far West Almanac July 2008. Crazier and wilder information continues to come to light charting the depths that greed and power can take. We hear about HAARP: the weather-control project in Alaska, about the Farm Bill 2008 which ...

The Heart of Maizeland

The Heart of Maizeland

Article published in the Far West Almanac May 2008. Inspired by the book SELU: Seeking the Corn-Mother's Wisdom by Marilou Awiakta Ginitsi Selu (Grandmother Corn) Harmony, Respect, Community, Healing Lately when I find myself thinking about roots, it isn't long until I start thinking ...

Books For Kids

Books For Kids

Shwe Yone Kalay Store -- The Little Golden Rabbit Shop Myanmar Books for Myanmar Kids After a long journey from Yangon to Sittwe and then up the Kaladan river we finally made it to Mrauk-U, Rakhine State, Myanmar. We were heading back to our guest house before the electricity went off we ...

Ethical Markets

Ethical Markets

Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy by Hazel Henderson (Dec, 2006 Chelsea Green Publishing Company) I found this book to be a very comprehensive and interesting reading. The amount of information and the way it was all set out is very helpful. It includes web ...