Wild Morels & Nettles Linguini

We had a most delicious dinner after my Saturday trip to Trout Lake Farmer’s market last weekend. One of my favorite vendors, although I don’t know the name, had huge freshly harvested wild morels. Of course I bought some. After reading the book Chantrelle Dreams, Amanita Nightmares earlier this year I have been eager to get foraging myself. I checked out the section in the book with morel recipes, which were recommended to eat with cream and butter. Our recent trip to Vancouver Island gave me a chance to forage some nearly flowering nettles, which is a delicious addition to this dish.

As we are on the GAPS diet we haven’t been eating pasta, so I peeled strips of carrot and sauteed them quickly until al dente to use as the noodles. This makes a lovely, bright orange color contrast to the creamy sauce and makes a simple, grain-free noodle.

Mushy Pea Pizza with Heirloom Tomatoes

Mushy Pea Pizza with Heirloom Tomatoes

Ever wondered what they ate in Europe before the potato? Pease porridge was one of the staples of the diet. Who doesn't love a good pea soup with ham hock or sausage? Ever thought that mushy peas might make a fantastic pizza sauce? It does. We had a little pea soup left over from dinner last night s ...