Real Revolution Resources

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Most on the ground Real Milk Revolutionaries have been in action for quite some time already. One of my favorite online activists is Food Renegade–every Friday it’s Fight Back Friday’s–a great place to find delicious Real Food recipes, articles and tips on Real Food. Another great resource is and there are plenty more. These people have really done the hard work, pushing the momentum of this movement to the point where it is today. The time is ripe. We need to get more connected on twitter and really get the buzz going…the twittersphere should be aglow with #nofactoryfarms #rawmilk, #happycows and #realfood. Below are a couple lists of where you can find some of the Real milk activists on twitter and facebook. It makes the whole thing a lot more enjoyable if you can quickly plug into the movement, and get involved with creating the buzz right away. For folks just getting started on twitter, check out this post for some helpful tips.

Codex Alimentarius:  Homegrow or Harmonize

Codex Alimentarius: Homegrow or Harmonize

The Great Harmonization This article was originally published in Far West Almanac July 2008. Crazier and wilder information continues to come to light charting the depths that greed and power can take. We hear about HAARP: the weather-control project in Alaska, about the Farm Bill 2008 which ...