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Most on the ground Real Milk Revolutionaries have been in action for quite some time already. One of my favorite online activists is Food Renegade–every Friday it’s Fight Back Friday’s–a great place to find delicious Real Food recipes, articles and tips on Real Food. Another great resource is and there are plenty more. These people have really done the hard work, pushing the momentum of this movement to the point where it is today. The time is ripe. We need to get more connected on twitter and really get the buzz going…the twittersphere should be aglow with #nofactoryfarms #rawmilk, #happycows and #realfood. Below are a couple lists of where you can find some of the Real milk activists on twitter and facebook. It makes the whole thing a lot more enjoyable if you can quickly plug into the movement, and get involved with creating the buzz right away. For folks just getting started on twitter, check out this post for some helpful tips.

I am a Food RENEGADE!Please be aware that my lists are not complete, they are a work in process, so let me know who I am missing and I will post them next time. Please be aware that there are all types involved in this movement, so be open-minded. I know I have already scared some folks off because of my Halloween video! I’m not a witch–at least I don’t think I am 😉 ? Anyway the point is the more the merrier–lets focus on Real Dairy and getting rid of factory farms at the moment and worry about our differences later.

At the bottom of the page there is a Real Revolution Linkytool. Please link up your blog posts on raw dairy in particular, posts on homemade probiotics, personal health experiences, personal accounts of how you discovered raw milk, raw dairy recipes, experiences with community of your dairy, interaction with your cows and farm experiences and the problems with factory farms are what we are especially interested in. Please when yuo link up follow the normal bloghop etiquette. Be sure to link back and leave a comment. If you would like to help host this resource list please let me know.

Twitter Helps:

I have started a twitter list to add Real Milk accounts: @helladelicious/realrevolution). You can follow that list or start your own–let us know if you do. I have also created a twitter paper for #realrevolution please use this tag to get your tweet into the RealRevolution Daily. There are also #realfood, #rawmilk and a #guerilla-cultural Daily’s. These twitter papers are really useful and aggregate content from twitter and facebook into one place. Also, they are a great source to find content to re-tweet and keep the buzz going. Another great #realfood aggregator is, they also include photos from flickr and bookmarks from delicious. Check this helpful link for more information on how to use hash tags. Some hash tags you might want to use are: #realfood #guerilla-cultural #happycows #grassfed #WAPF #foodfreedom #foodjustice #paleo #grain-free #gapsdiet #realrevolution #rawmilk #fermentation #kombucha #nofactoryfarms #rawbutter #rawcheese #rawalmonds #SOLE

People to follow (please follow back everyone!) If you have trouble keeping up with following people back there are a couple applications that will help you do this. There is socialoomph, but I think you have to pay for that one. I have been trying to find free tools for this, here are a couple suggestions although I haven’t tried them myself: Reciprocate at Tweepi — you can bulk follow people here and do other twitter housekeeping and TwitterKarma. It is also important to do FollowFridays on friday, you often get cool lists of people, and it is a good way to find new peeps as well as just a nice way to be friendly. A good application to help you with that is: FollowFridayHelper.

By the way the following lists are not in any particular order.

Real Revolution Tweeps:

@amoderatelife @kitchenstew @FoodRenegade @mercola @kimberlyhartke @NourishMD @realfoodmedia @WestonAPrice @KitchenKop @cheeseslave @USWellnessMeats @Mr_Augie @KeeperHome @CathyAtTheFund @Socalrawmilk @opdc_hub @NourishedMama @RawMilkColorado @PVNutritherapy @DeliciousObsess @rogerdoiron @EatFatLoseFat @kombuchakamp @ModernAMama @realfoodhealth

If anyone has facebook tips we are open for suggestions, there are some posted here as well. Please give us your tips in comments if you have some good ones and we will compile them. In the meantime here is a list of some Real Milk Revolutionaries to like and favorite, if you know of more please let us know or add them to the linky.

Real Facebook Pages:

For those of you who don’t know what a linky is, all you have to do is enter your URL and title below. Please comment, link back and tweet or post to facebook. Love Raw Milk! No more factory farms!

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