Fact: Airline Food is Disgusting

Dedicated to my sister

Who hates airline food? Me that’s for sure–I developed a theory at a young age that the altitude does something inherently disgusting to food, at that tender age I decided the best way to travel was not to eat a bite of food–just drink tomato juice, very slowly. (Sidenote: The article below will also explain why tomato juice is so good on airlines.)

I have another reason to hate airline food though, I used to work for LSG Sky Chefs. Worst job ever. Talk about HACCP hell. The facilities were a very unhealthy working environment. A dungeon-like building with no windows and damp floors. We constantly had to spray bleach around sanitizing everything, and using other hard core chemicals for cleaning, the floors were hard cement and the lights were florescent. I always felt incredibly exhausted after a shift there. I completely understand why airline food is so life draining now. It is hyper-sterilized food at it’s finest.